Barbarian Kobold 003 by Rufellen

Barbarian Kobold 003


30 September 2018 at 12:30:53 MDT

Running back and forth gleefully Xur let her cloak flap and swirl, the purple fur sliding over her scales lovingly, “This is great dad, I love!”

The black and silver kobold paused before Vikris and posed in her purple rabbit pelt cloak. Nidonocu’s head nestled firmly atop her head and she brushed her fingers back and forth over the fabric. Vikris was wearing his Kaed pelt, the thick, rich yellow fur wolf cloak hanging down his back perfectly. His daughter had been badgering him for one of her own since he got home from his last mission, so he'd indulged her desires and borrowed Nidonocu.

“You’re looking good Xur, what do you think?” He asked their guests with a huge grin.

“It’s weird,” Kaed growled rubbing his arms, “The dead, vacant eyes are creepy.”

“I’ll say,” Nidonocu grumbled, the purple rabbit shaking his head, “I can't believe you did that, it's creepy seeing a dead clone of myself being used as clothing.”

“Now now not clone,” Vikris admonished with a grin, “I extracted your essence and created new bodies for you, there was no duplication of mental states.”

“It’s still creepy,” Nidonocu complained hugging his long snake like purple tail.

“Well that's a shame,” Vik murmured with a grin “Because I've had an idea for a bunny, lemon wolf combo!”

Kaed and Nidonocu looked sharply at Vikris and bolted for the door before the kobold mage could do anything else.

Art by Troutsworth

Kaed belongs to :Kaed Kaed

Xur belongs to Bunglebear Bunglebear

Nido belongs to Nidonocu Nidonocu

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