Call me Forest, FW, Will, whatever you'd like. Web developer by trade, freelance artist otherwise. I can accomplish anything given enough time (which I usually don't have).

Single, male, Christian, despite the negative connotation that seems to bring nowadays.

I wish I could be friends with everyone, but I don't have the time or energy, sorry!

If my work can make you smile, then mission accomplished. :)



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Slow Updates for Awhile

on 31 August 2020 at 16:33:47 MDT

I know I've not been super active here, and I already posted to my other accounts, but...

Just wanted to mention that I'm probably not going to be very active for a while, on here and otherwise. My dad passed away yesterday, and I'm gonna need some time to recover and deal with that. It's been real rough.

Thanks for your support everyone, I always appreciate how much people enjoy my work. ❤️

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    Found you via your FA Filter extension, which is pretty neat, btw. Would love to see it expand to block comments from specific users in addition to submissions, if you're looking for feature suggestions. :3

    Also, very cute art! Love your mouses n.n

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      I'm happy you've found it helpful! I use it all the time myself.

      I've gotten several requests for that, but its a much bigger issue than just hiding/removing the comments, so we'll see. I work on it in my free time for, well, free, so its usually not super high priority. X3

      Still, glad you like the art! :3

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        Hehe, no worries. I've worked on an FF extension as well, and I know that FA's not the most straightforward thing to work with. Not surprised at all that you get that request a lot tho n.n;

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    Hard to find another Christian out there. ^^

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      It really does feel that way sometimes, huh? XP

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    You've got a good story going on here! Keep it up! =D

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    Cool art, have a watch ;) :D:D !!!

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    Ehhhrrr mah jeezuz forest wuffs!