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Let's start with the simple.

Greetings! I am Solid, t'is my name and what I prefer to be called by. I am, for all concerned, a dragon of a few particular tastes and interests. See if you can guess what they are.

I'm an artist, though I've been doubting if what I do is actually art, not just scribbles of stuff. To me, my work is just a mere expression of my desires and thoughts at the time I have my stylus to the tablet. Nothing special, less it be for someone for a certain reason.

I'd like to say I'm a kind, friendly person, open to all for whatever is wanted of me, but I'm not. You'll find me as a cold, honest and brutal fellow. I'm fairly intolerant of a handful of things which, if you happen to do them, you'll quickly find out. Though I may be quick to irritate, I'm not one to give up on someone. I'm always willing to listen and help and see that I'm fair to you and that I can make you happy, regardless the light I see you in.

To cut this all short.
I draw things, because. I'm a bit of a dick, but not without reason.
I just want to make others happy.
I'm also -NOT- into role playing with people I don't know. If you have to ask, the answer is no.

All artwork not owned by me that I have posted will be marked in some way or form, whether a simple mention in the description or otherwise. Else, all artwork posted was created by myself.

I hope you enjoy what I showcase, and I hope to hear your thoughts on my work. Don't be afraid to contact me for anything you have on your mind. You can contact me through here or skype.

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alator has been picked up and is now getting comfortable here at home.

We are all tired.

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    I am trying to follow everyone on my watchlist on FA with Furry Network, SoFurry, IB, DA and here

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    Thanks for the watch-follow-stalk! Totally wasnt expecting it, especiLly since im uber lazy about crossposting. XD

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    Don't you think I can't see you

    i see everything

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      And if I take your glasses? :C

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        i will still see u, lizard

        u cant hide from me

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          I wasn't trying to hide from you.

          I still might take your glasses though. :3

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            Over my somewhat-helpless body!

            I can't see without thoooooose~! :C