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Thanksgiving 2023: Potluck by Forest

Thanksgiving 2023: Potluck


Per tradition, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! ♥ I just wanna say I'm thankful for all of you and your support this past year; I've done more commission work to help out friends than any previous year, and while that's meant my own projects have been put on hold (there's soooo much I want to work on), I'm thankful you all are still here to support me as I work through things. So, thank you very much! ♥♥


I wanted to do something fun for my annual Thanksgiving picture this year, and while the belly isn't quite as big as some other years, I think the idea is fun...It made me think back on family and friends bringing their "experiments" to dinner, and well...

They're not always that great, to put it lightly. XD Here's hoping Forest's politeness doesn't win out over that very clear warning, haha.

That's Stewie and his (previously unnamed) mom, Sherry there! More characters I need to do more with... X3 Kim actually gave me the name like, a few years back, I just lost track of it till today, haha. Be prepared for more puns related to her name down the line, I have a few...!

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