End of the Line by Lauralien

End of the Line


22 May 2016 at 20:09:28 MDT

From March 2015

In the running for the most widely-recognized Infinite, the Severer comes in at a close second, just behind Ryndu. Unfortunately, as Ryndu is the beloved bearer of life, someone has to act as his opposite. The Severer is the representative of death, and Alurians all over the world view him with a mixture of respect and fear. He is associated with the night, the moon (Called Baara, which is his eye), water, and change. In their art, Alurians usually depict him as a figure wearing a ghostly robe, with long bladed fingers, and an elongated skull masking his true face.

*The Severer's duty is a dreadful one: He cuts the Links of Alurians with his claws when they die. However, those that believe in him generally do not resent him for his task; All things that are born must eventually die, and the Severer ensures that this rule applies to all living beings, even acknowledging that he too cannot possibly live forever. *

Though he is thought of as a bit of a recluse, the Severer may make pacts with individuals that can get his attention and are willing to pay his high cost. When Noth's journey took him to the shore of the Sunlight Sea, the people that lived there fearfully directed him to a strange edifice jutting out of the distant water. They provided him with a boat to reach it, but refused to step foot onto it with him. That night, as Noth reached the highest point of the structure, the Severer revealed himself. His dark cloak stretched for miles in every direction, his size such that no one was able to observe the Infinite's full form.

Somehow Noth survived the encounter and returned to shore the next morning, though he would not share what had occurred between he and the Severer. Rumors began to spread about a man that had travelled halfway across the world and received the blessings of two gods along the way. The nation that would one day be called Arxyna formed as an unending stream of people poured in from all over the world to learn if there was any the truth behind the rumors.

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