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The Battlefield


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In the young nation of Arxyna's second century of existence, its leader Noth found himself suffering the effects of the burden of leadership. He had become distant and irritable, and his council was finding him increasingly difficult to work with. It was in this time that a close friend, Weiru, became concerned for Noth. With an utter lack of fear for the most powerful man in the country, he stood before the Emperor to protest his friend's unhealthy demeanor.

Slightly incensed, but knowing that he spoke the truth out of honest concern, Noth bestowed a new rank and a high honor upon him. Weiru became the First Champion, but as it turns out, Noth's long-term plans extended far beyond him. Additional Champions were selected and attached to other influential members of government, and as they grew in number, the group began referring to themselves as the Champion Covenant.

First and foremost, the Champions' loyalty is to the nation of Arxyna and to the proper treatment of its people at large. They are expected to ensure that the officials they are assigned to at least attempt to live up to the expectations of the Infinites that had appeared to Noth and prompted him to found the Empire. Additionally, they enforce accountability and transparency in their Assignment's actions. In modern times, Champions often serve in pairs (Usually mates or siblings), and act as bodyguards to their Assignments in addition to their normal duties.

Under no circumstances are Assignments to have any authority over the Champion, and Champions are not to have any authority in matters of government, with one exception: With the blessing of the majority of the rest of the Covenant, Champions may remove or suspend their Assignment from their rank if it is felt that they are no longer fulfilling their obligation to the well-being of the Arxyn Empire. Having held any position that receives an assigned Champion causes one to be ineligible for recruitment into the Covenant, and membership in the Covenant disqualifies one from holding those positions in the future, even after retirement. For as long as they are Active (Assigned to an official), Champions have access to all the same information as their Assignment.

When recruiting, the Covenant prefers to select unexpected and seemingly mundane individuals, who are often surprised to discover that the organization in its entirety is much larger than it first appears. While the Active Champions are the most visible members of the Covenant, and the rank of Champion to the Emperor is the most prestigious among them, behind them lies an extensive network that recruits, trains, administrates, and otherwise supports its members. All Champions, even those that aren't Active, can be identified by the custom-made metal wheels that they carry. When its blades are deployed, it can be wielded as a chakram-like weapon, though few make the effort to learn how to do so.

The Covenant keeps especially close ties with the Imbru Tribe, and is well known for its interest in the Infinites.

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