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My name is Heather, I am a 33 year old woman from Michigan. My birthday is the 25th of January.
I am a fan of cartoons, anime, action movies (mostly it has to have a bit of comedy in it) alongside being someone very passionate about artwork alongside crafts. I own my own personal business called Heather's Emporium which you can find images of my makings within my gallery/art sites and on my Facebook page.

I am married, I was married on June 30th 2008. I will be married come this June for 8 years. I love my man to death he is my world!
I enjoy to critique and I am still learning and try to give plenty of suggestions, and if you don’t like it that is okay I don’t mind, I will be honest, so please respect my opinions. I also love to write character sheets and I produce from time to time journals on how to improve characters plus what to do to tell if your characters are Mary-sues.

I am a huge fan of video games! I love playing games and hanging out with my awesome friends plus wonderful family.

Latest Journal

The New Year and Forgiveness

Hello There My Geeklings,

How are all of you wonderful boys and girls doing out there?
I am doing good. Been really busy now.

We FINALLY got power and heat in our home I AM SO HAPPY
and within two weeks we should be moved in (HOPEFULLY)
I am really content right now I am feeling more happier everyday
I am going to see someone about my depression now
and I hope to get better each day and work hard

I am also still on hiatus
due to the reason,
we are working extra hard to get the house painted and cleaned up so we can put the tile and floor in
and move in before Christmas and before the snow comes XD
So wish us all the luck!

Now for the Second part of this journal
I am also here to say something
Since the new year is coming
I am going to say this
For all the people out there that hate me (cause I have no idea why)
I am here to say
I forgive you all
I want to start a new with the up coming year
Cause a lot is going to change for me this new year
in a good way I'll talk more on that subject later.
Also here are some lovely quotes

I hope all of you have a Wonderful and safe Christmas and a wonderful New Year
I will see you all Next YEAR

Love ya

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