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on 7 December 2016 at 07:22:38 MST

This will probably be my last update of 2016. In short, 2016 hurt, it hurt a lot. After catastrophic failure in pursuing what I thought I wanted to do (discovered it doesn't pay all that much via a veteran professional), up 40% drop in online sales, and much mathing I had a cruel slap in the face of just how much more expensive it is to live like an adult here with proper budget rounding and retirement savings plans, and I needed to be making the proper figures yesterday. I have some work to do regarding my discipline though, so during the holidays I'll be writing up a schedule/game plan. The smartest thing would be applying for a proper salary job, but due to health reasons and complications of renting on top of mortgage for relocation I'm going to try my furry art career full time one more time.

I am accepting up to 8 commissions for the month of January Initial deposits will be needed within the first week so I can start asap. I had to raise my rate to $25/hr to make ends meet, and when my room mates leave come April it will potentially be going up to $31/hr. I will be releasing a conversion chart for USD folks to make your lives easier, but for now the conversion is roughly 0.752868. I'll put it out there that I will do macro again, but you're looking at C$600 easily as I have to include the immense research/3D reference set up labor for those extreme perspectives.

Prices are on my profile page just under the journal section There are also changes to the TOS (not yet written on the PDF) written there such as paypal fees and turn around times.
Please PM me if interested with a ref, level of price/detail you're wanting and a small description of what you want.

I am giving weasyl users 2 days head start on claiming spots before I release this info elsewhere so if you think you can make it but unsure until after Christmas just title your PM "January slot reserve" and I will double check with you closer to new years.

I would also like to start experimenting on rougher styles that take less hours to complete, though I intend to release those opportunities via Your Character Here auctions soon. If you reallyreallyreally want to try this know it is mostly free reign(might be outlined, might be painted) and using reference like a movie shot or inspiration photo. I wouldn't be able to guesstimate labor hours so it would be open ended where I reach a "stage" on a picture and release it to you asking if you want to take it further given the hours spent to get that far. With YCHs I'll have work models made to base prices off of.

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from C$ 75.00
to C$ 100.00



Illustration starts at
C$ 265.00


C$ 53.00

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    Fantastic work. Hope this year goes much better for you than last year did.

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    Thanks for adding me back. I love your gallery! :D

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      No prob!

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    your artwork is absolutely amazing! I really look forward to seeing more! you have so much beautiful art in your gallery I cannot wait to browse tomorrow!

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      Thanks X3 I'm glad to support/see the community grow here on Weasyl.

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    Aww yes, dinosaurs sir

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    Oi! I can't believe that I don't have you followed over here! And all this time has passed!

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      XD well good to see you here!