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Hey everyone and welcome to my gallery. I draw to get out thoughts and feelings, relieve stress, and enjoy myself! Don't take me or my work too seriously :) It's all just for fun and hobby sharing! That being said, I still am learning where I can, so be patient with me. <3

Other than that I'm friendly, loving, sensitive, and I reflect on things deeply. Personality flaws? Too many to list, but I'm always trying to be better than the day before :)

Squee! <3

Thunder storms, toys, drawing, cartoons, anime, giving, fast food, the fizz-fog off of a freshly opened coke, strawberries, sweets, surprises, my little pony, poop (lmao), LOVE!

Squick! </3

Vulgarity without a reason, conceit, small spaces, peas, spiders, clowns, being woken up, being sick, being too hot, hate, feeling helpless or angry, being yelled at, when people refuse to change or grow



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      Holy crap thanks for the fave bomb woman!!!!

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        Muahaha no problem ~ you deserrrrrve it looooooots <3

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    Xo I have no idea what your art is about, but I wanted to say that I love the emotions you capture, the faces and such! Very powerful, like, I feel with them! Keep that stuff up :)

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      Thank you so much-!! I have most of my information about what I do on my deviant art page- I dunno why but here I don't seem to want to type out descriptions :( I should at least copy and paste my info onto them so people can follow it more .

      Thanks for taking the time to look, it means a lot to me :)

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    Hello there! I followed you from deviantart since you recommended this site.

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      Thanks a lot- it's a nice place so far- quiet but nice!

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    hey you're here! omg i forgot about this site until you mentioned you joined lol
    still seems just as quiet here as it was when i signed up 3 years ago o: