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Gift for KissTheThunnder by PrivateDoomsday

Gift for KissTheThunnder


I just decided to do a simple gift art pic, for "KissTheThunder"; it's a pic of Snively (the character from the Archie comic) and Celeste the Albino Mink, (her character) spending time, at the beach! (During the night!)

While there's nothing dirty going on, this totally fits the SFW category, because they're simply about to make out. (Probably nothing "suggestive" going on, either, so it fits the "general" rating.)

Either way, I hope you like it!

= Celeste is (c) by "KissTheThunder"
= Snively is (c) by Archie Comics and Sega
= The art is (c) by me


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    Awww- Thank you! I can totally see them going out to the beach at night and it makes me so happy that you'd see the detail about her difficulty with the sun and see fit to take this route! Thank you so much for doing this for me, it's great!