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My name is Blue or you may call me Bluebie

I am 27 years old, turning 28 on the 7th of June.

I've graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with

my bachelors degree in Illustration.

I already my work published in a children's book titled

"My Name Is Misty" which can be found on Barnes and nobel's website

or Amazon's website.

Gifts/Requests are reserved for my close friends and I will not tell you

who they are to avoid drama.

Commissions are always open


Latest Journal


Sorry for the long long absence, I just felt out of place here and I had many other things going on in my life for a while.

Im not living with my BF in florida, and currently job searching while working on commissions (hoping I have them).
I hope to post more to this account now so keep an eye out!

Commissions are open of course see my pricemap for prices and info! Send me a note if you're interested!

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    sorry for the late reply, but thanks so much for the follow ;u;

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    Thank you for following me! I appreciate it! :3

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    Thankies for the follow~! <3

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    Thanks so much for the watch. :)

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      No problem, i know its hard to tell but Im a HUGE tf fan and what not....I just dont draw it often XD and I dont think Ive posted it here yet.

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        Haha, not a problem at all! I don't draw a load of stuff that I actually like. ^^; Sometimes you just get caught up in other things. :)

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    thanks for following!