All of the visual artwork in my gallery is done by other artists.

I have their name in the title and a link to their pages in the submission info. For characters, links are at the top of the page.

Current icon by FelisRandomis FelisRandomis, Banner by an artist I would love to credit, but they keep changing names :/

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I love art. I'm going to do it myself. Because I love art.

Sex positive, general nutcase, overly emotional at times. I frequently question myself and the world around me. I can be silly and I throw out the one liners that make people shake their heads.

I am one of those people that needs attention, but is really awful at getting it from the people I want it from.

I like odd things. I like bugs (and arachnids and other similar creatures). I really like bats, snails and a rotating variety of other odd creatures of this world. Typically attracted to feminine things. Kinks are weird, but we're all weird. Everything is weird to someone.

Monsters are cool. Monsters don't always look like monsters on the outside and most of the time the monster is perfect at blending in with those around them. Only when they have caught their prey does their true monstrousness show. (And then sometimes, what looks like a monster is really just an awesome individual)
I don't really consider myself a teratophile, but I find such things interesting.

I have a very short attention span.

Have a nice day!


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Retiring a lot of characters

on 13 June 2018 at 11:50:11 MDT

I had been considering selling some characters, due to lack of love/time/interest, but it just doesn't feel right to sell them. Some of them especially because I have art of them with other people.

I have a few that I could give away, based on lack of the aforementioned, but I think it feels disingenuous to do so when the character still technically exists within one of my universes.

I guess what it boils down to is that I love the character creation process, and creating a background and history for them... But not every single character in every single universe needs so much time and effort put into them. Many of the characters I do have, but have no art of, are secondary characters to secondary characters, so it's like I've given the backstory and entire history of a character that you literally just see behind the counter at the store, who says "hello" to the main cast and is then never seen again lol.

Anyway, yeah. Over the last year or so, I decided that getting art for all of these characters is counter productive and too sad. So I'm going to leave them up, but just focus on a few main characters, rather than spread myself so thin all the time.

For those of you wondering what I'm even talking about, just take a gander at my character gallery here, featuring about sixty of my hundreds of characters.

Also, for anyone interested, I have reactivated my old FA account, FeyPhoenix.

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