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Kitzi, the Oracle, Spitz


20 June 2016 at 12:00:16 MDT

Kitzi, the Oracle, Spitz
Fox (unspecific)

Character art by KeishaMaKainn KeishaMaKainn/(FA)Keisha_MaKainn base by Ere-Yandara

Notes For Commissioned Artists

Attention to detail gets you everywhere with me! <3

  • Cisgender Female (she/her)
  • Long, floofy tail
  • Pupils are a blue, reflective layer. She is blind
  • Wide hips


  • If given free reign, Kitzi loves to be independant, but knows her limitations. She is very intelligent, but tries not to act superior. Overall very submissive, but will be assertive when necessary. She was born blind and her sense of touch, smell, and hearing have been greatly enhanced.


  • Communing with spirits
  • The scent of freshly picked herbs and spices
  • Pleasures of the flesh
  • Gentle caressing/pets
  • The sound of songbirds
  • The warmth of the sun on her fur and flesh
  • Baths with natural oils and flower petals
  • Being attuned to the world
  • Feeling the gentle vibrations of footsteps through her pawpads
  • The earthy scent of root vegetables and mushrooms
  • Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) sounds
  • Roller coasters


  • Being tickled
  • Cuddling
  • Kissing
  • Being able to answer inquiries with a satisfying response
  • Feeling different textures on various species skin/scales/fur/etc
  • Fresh rain scent and feel
  • Psychedelics that help her commune with the spirits
  • The various scents and flavors of the body
  • Penelope
  • Hearing people describe colors in ways she can imagine them
  • Conversing with familiars
  • Getting footrubs


  • Emotional manipulators
  • People touching her without permission
  • When people wave their hands in her face when they find out she is blind
  • Requiring a caretaker
  • Tripping on small objects
  • Very sudden, loud noises
  • Feeling tired
  • Feeling unable to act/react to certain situations


  • When people try to pity her for being blind
  • Losing connection to the spirits
  • Unclean people (due to smells)
  • People trying to take advantage of her (or anyone, really)
  • Theft
  • Power-hungry people
  • Being called a hack
  • Being treated with disrespect

Character Information

Kitzi, 'the Oracle', Spitz
Oracle and Medium
Melodia City Outer Limits

Kitzi was born with a rare, but not unheard of, genetic abnormality seen in foxes. It causes the fur and hair to become unusually colored, typically blues and reds, as a side effect, but the main effect is in the eyes. The ocular nerve stops developing, leaving the eyes unable to do more than detect light, and the lens of the eye hardens and becomes opaque and reflective like a mirror. Most individuals born with this abnormality can detect light and shadows and nothing more, but there are some who cannot even see that much.

Kitzi is completely blind.

Her parents loved her though. And, despite her lack of vision, they treated her the same as their other child. They didn't try to coddle her or treat her as if she couldn't do something just because of it, and instead tried to find ways for her to do things if vision was a large part of it. They also made sure to never exclude her in a similar manner. So every time they were going to see a movie or see a show or anything else that was very visually based, they took her along. At first they tried to explain things as they went along, but, especially during movies, people got irritated by the distraction.

Eventually, Kitzi came up with the idea of hearing the action and, after finding a software programmer that was already developing something similar, helped to develop the technology for all. The programmer was passionate about the project because his little sister was also blind, though she went blind after an accident rather than being born that way. With the consent of her parents, they worked on the software for a few years until it was ready. The concept of the device was similar to echolocation, but the programmer needed insight and input from other blind folks, since he wanted to surprise his sister with it. Hearing him passionately describe his ideas and show his love for his kin made Kitzi happy and glad to work with him.

By the time Kitzi was ten, the software was coupled with a few different types of devices and sold worldwide to movie and show developers and homes alike. For her contributions, the programmer gave her all of the different devices for free as well as a small portion of royalties for all devices sold. He was less interested in the money than he was helping vision impaired people, so he also set up centers for people to be able to purchase them at a reduced rate or get them for free, based on their family income. All of these things inspired Kitzi to want to help people, too.

Her mother, who was a practicing witch, taught her about everything she knew, as well as brought her to various other witches for tutoring, and Kitzi loved it. She found that she was quite in tune with the energies of the world and all of its spirits, and was able to commune with them much easier than most. After meeting with, and learning from, June, another witch in their area, she wanted to summon a familiar. She spent a good deal of time communicating with June's familiar, 'The Western Night Wind, Holocor', and thought that familiars were awesome. Unfortunately, when she attempted the summoning ritual, nothing answered her call. It was not exactly uncommon for that to happen, but Kitzi was very disappointed. She was told that attempting the summoning ritual more than once was like trying to set off a firework after it has already been set off, but she tried it again anyway. It produced the same results. She kept trying once a week for three months straight until finally giving up.

That event coupled with her entering into her teen years caused a huge wave of depression to overwhelm her. She spent almost an entire year of her life in such a low state that her parents actually considered putting her into a mental recovery center several times. But, she did just enough to prevent that from happening. She begrudgingly went to school, though she did nothing in class and ended up failing everything. She forced herself to eat dinner with everyone, though all she wanted to do was sit in the bay window in the sun. Her parents and sibling tried to cheer her up and continue to be inclusive with her, but nothing helped. That is, until she was taken to an amusement park.

It was probably more so her hormones becoming balanced again, but after her family took her to an amusement park in central Melodia city, she broke out of her rut. When her parents explained what a roller coaster was, Kitzi seemed unimpressed and imagined it was like riding in a car on an elevator, based on their descriptions. She was delightfully mistaken. As she felt the cars being pulled up and up, she sat thinking about how lame it was already, but when her sibling suddenly blurted out that they could see their car in the parking lot, which Kitzi knew was quite far away, she suddenly had butterflies in her stomach. They finally got to the top and came to a complete stop. Kitzi thought it was over and was disappointed for the two seconds before the cars were released. And then she felt like she was falling. Fast. Adrenaline pumped through her so hard that she started yelling, not from fear, but from excitement. That rush kept coming every time the coaster came to a drop or a loop-the-loop and, by the end, Kitzi was back to her usual chipper self. It wasn't a permanent change, but it kept her going for many months. If she ever felt herself getting depressed again, she would just ask her parents to take her to the amusement park and all was well in her world.

While she was in high school, she was also polishing up her witch's training and learning how to read people's auras and fortunes. She discovered that she had a knack for it, but was also able to see brief flashes of future and past events in people's lives, like a precognizant oracle. As she continued to practice, she got better at seeing exact moments in time or events and was officially declared an Oracle by some of the local covens. Kitzi loved the fact that she could really help people out with her new-found ability, and did her best to help anyone and everyone that came to her.

Unfortunately, strong relationships with people, such as her parents and sibling, caused her visions to be faulty and tainted with her own well wishes for them, so she was unable to predict the tragedy that befell them. When she started working in a coven's shop on the outskirts of Melodia city, her parents would drive her out there along with her sibling to take them to their team practice. She had been feeling a deep sense of dread all morning, but just assumed it was her depression, since everything she saw for her family was quite cheery that day. But, after dropping her off, there was a vehicular collision that became a five car pile up. Her parents and sibling were in the middle of it.

None of them survived.

When Kitzi heard the news, she was devastated. She was just sixteen, which was legal consenting and emancipation age for most morphs, so she didn't really know what she was going to do. One thing that she was thankful for was her bank account and inheritance. Because of her earlier role in developing the software to create a visual movie for blind folks, she had saved quite a bit of money, which was now all hers, since it had been going to a trust fund until she was of consenting age. While it didn't make the tragedy any less impactful, she was at least able to take care of herself.

It took her a while to process and get over it. Thankfully, the coven she had been working with, as well as a few other witches she knew, all came to offer her help where she needed it. They helped her get a permanent residence, wanting and truly needing to get out of her family's home, and get set up so that it was better for her. They also helped her get a caretaker, many offering to do the jobs themselves, but since none of them had the time to dedicate to the job as she needed, she hired one. She was actually afforded the luxury of the caretaker free of charge, the cost being covered by the government's disabled assistance program. She hated being called or considered disabled, but she did know her limits after many years of testing them.

At the end of her search, she ended up hiring a pleasant rhino lady, named Amaryllis, who seemed the most in need of work. She was also good at picking up what Kitzi needed. After a short while at least. The relationship was good and Kitzi was pleased with her decision in the long run. Ammy became a critical component in the business she ended up starting, a small fortune reading and witch supply store. The supplies were simple things that Kitzi was either able to harvest or create on her own, so it was very limited. But her main thing was the fortune reading, so the shop was mostly for making it look more business like.

The business was immediately successful, due mostly in part to the fact that the majority of her clients were the witches she already knew. She did get some random clients here and there, but the bulk of them were regulars. Ammy, while not actually an employee of the shop itself, helped Kitzi get everything organized and 'prettied up' visually. She also had Ammy double check the money where necessary. She did have a currency scanner, but they were notoriously easy to trick, according to everything she had been reading online.

Outside of the business, Kitzi had Ammy help her with shopping for clothes and picking out jewelry. Her connection to the energies of the world were useful in determining the purity and quality of the metals and gems she wanted to purchase, but that was a poor indicator of how it looked on her. Ammy seemed to have good taste, or was good at picking things that looked good on her, because most of her regulars complimented the items she ended up purchasing. She also helped her choose piercings that looked good for her.

Kitzi was also very naive when it came to romance and romantic relationships and the things that commonly come with them, because she never had much of an opportunity to explore these things. When she had a new customer come in and be extra friendly, she had a sudden interest in the subject and picked Ammy's brain for information while trying not to make it obvious what she was really asking about. She was sure she was clever and hid it well, but Ammy knew what was going on. There was no way she didn't. Kitzi… lacked subtlety in this situation.

She did eventually get into a few relationships, but many of them were short lived. Either the other person wanted things from her that she was unwilling to give, or she needed more from them than they were willing to give. It was hard to find a balance with her. She did end up having a few more casual relationships as well, but they were more inspired by convenience than a true relationship. These situations did introduce her to a few things she never knew she liked as well, and she ended up getting a few more piercings that only certain people got to see.

Kitzi is currently single and looking, unable to really search easily. She joined an online dating thing, but has been too afraid of people trying to take advantage of her to meet anyone. She does chat with a few friends online, using a mixture of text-to-speech, braille readers, and sonic displays, the same tech she helped develop for movies. She hopes to one day find someone who will be able to handle her needs and as well as be something she can handle.

Outside of relationships, she is still running her fortune telling shop, with the assistance and under the care of Ammy. She is happy with the business, and it helps her feel a sense of purpose, even though she knows that the world will call on her one day. She has recently befriended another local witch who runs a potion emporium, Penelope, and the two of them got along instantly. It helped that she knew her Aunt, June, while she was alive, as well as her familiar. They can both feel a pending call of the world, which is another topic they talk about and share on occasion.

The two of them have also been a bit more intimate, though it is usually nothing more than cuddling. Kitzi is still a bit shy about it all, and is uncertain of how to react to Penelope's relationship status.

Character Information


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    Pretty neat design, love the hair color ^_^
    Also really touching backstory! ( •o•)♥

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      Thanks! She caught my eye and I kinda got her on a whim, but I had a lot of fun thinking about her life and how she lives it.