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The Real Me

Since the beginning of the year John Gallin has visited his local Red Cross branch in London, Ontario to donate his pocket change. Inspired during a first aid course, John decided his goal was to visit the branch every week to make his donation. In the past 12 months John has surpassed his goal of $100 and has donated almost $600 with a few weeks left still!

The Canadian Red Cross thanks donors like John who prove that every little bit really does count. Thank you John!

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    Dude, SHUT UP

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    sorry dude, already had to tell you off on fa for repeatedly trying to rope me into rp.

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    This person also has an FA account which they harassed me from, repeatedly insisting on RP despite me telling them no and then rambling about their charity work over and over. Then they sent me messages here asking for same, even though it clearly says on my account that I don't use this site anymore.

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    You've given me many happy memories and memes to share with my friends, love ya fam, you utter weird pervert. Now give me my smurfs or else.

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    he never sent me an RP request, im feeling jipped.

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    Weird and here I thought I was the only one this person kept poking at. Not only on here but on FA every couple Months or so. It's... Weird.

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      Oh good, I was wondering what the heck that message was about. Guess it's just a mass advertisement and I'm not the only one getting them.

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      Okay, so it seems this person keeps repeatedly messaging others, too. Just got a second message from him myself. First was asking to RP, which I ignored. Then a second message was just saying he just wanted to talk. So I guess it's safe to say we can all just block him, especially if he doesn't get the message when people ignore him, and keeps messaging them.