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Hey there, welcome to my little corner of the site! Another place to plant my artsy goodness and let it bloom around~
Considering i have so many art pages now as it is, i won't be putting up a giant amount of my older stuff. Instead i'm going to pick a handful of my current favorite pieces [notably ones that are either recent or best of pieces for certain characters] and place them here! Always open to Commission as well! just come and find me if you're interested~

Looking to Talk about Commissions, have Questions or the Sorts? Give me a Buzz on Discord, let me know where you saw my name at!- thunderbuns#9446


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Soren Kisamora

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Hi there Folks!

Hey there! Remember that thing about how I don't post enough Journal Entries? YEP that's still a thing. So while I have a moment how about we get one up right at the start of the New Year Instead?

Been quite busy the last like...Half a Year since my last Journal or so? Commissions, Character Ideas and the whatnot. Something i've been slacking on however is my Drawing Pace and speed. In December a sort of Boon for Inspiration was hitting me as I worked on a bunch of Gifted images and trades with people for the Season. Not to say Drawing EVER bores me, but I was in a better place during all that and plan to keep the Momentum going along with me.

Having said that I do have Drawing Plans I wish to Adhere to for this upcoming year. Very often alot of my personal work are just poster art/ single images of my Main Characters or New Ones and while that is amusing, it's not very Diverse. Nor does that adhere to what I enjoy drawing the Most, SO we're going to change that.

This year I have a bit of a Theme. Notably "Transformation" and my Personal Works for the year will Focus around this sole idea. SO MOST Images from me this year, that are Personal Work, will be Transformation Themed and Oriented. Starting with me finishing the first Chapter of Soki Solutions as I should have awhile ago, and a Goblin TF Sequence right afterwards. I do have a couple new character Ideas that i'll pick at as well, but all my Ideas will be about some sort of Growth, Expansion or the sorts. I imagine alot of Sequences will come out of this, and I very much look forward to Leaning heavier into said works for you Folks to enjoy with me~

SO hopefully you all Enjoy things I have planned in the coming months! I also will be working to break my Habit of Post Dumping, and get things out one at a time to make my Posting more consistent.

Thanks for All the Views, Watches, Follows, Likes and all the sorts from all of you <3

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