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John and Tyzzy by Feste-Fenris (critique requested)

John and Tyzzy

John and Tyzzy were walking around a mall when they come across an open toy store. They enter into the store looking at all the mysterious things inside. While looking inside they find a rack of plushies. On the shelf they find 2 plushies that are identical to them. Tyzzy being very excited he grabs his plushie and hugs it. Suddenly he starts shrinking and his fur turns to soft materials as his insides turn to cotton. Completely blank and plushy. Feeling so much happier and wanting to make others feel just as happy as it was. Tyzzy explains to John that he must hug his plushie in order to become a better person. John listens to the convincing plushie and hugs his own transforming himself into a plushie. Both feeling so good mindless. They begin running around the store wondering who would’ve done this to them. They find the owner. So happy to see her two new plushies. She picks them up and tells them “you two are gonna be my little worker bees!~”. She sets them down in her workshop behind the store and shows them all her supplies. “I want you two to make more plushies of all your cute little friends” the two plushies nod and start getting to work. Making plushies of there friend so they too can become plushies.

John and Tyzzy (critique requested)


A friend of mine wrote a story. For charity.

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