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I still don't have that many clues what to write up for a profile text that doesn't degenerate into a boring wall of text, but I guess some information is better than no information on me at all.

I am born and currently residing in Rhineland Palatinate, Germany but spent most of my childhood in the United States because my dad just so happens to be American. Because of that I am rather fidgety when it comes to my ability to speak/write proper English and I always strive to sound as natural and reasonable as I can. So if you notice any glaring mistakes, be it grammar, punctuation or anything else drop me a hint. I really want to improve!

Personally I don't consider myself to be an artist, but I do draw from time to time and who knows, maybe someday one of my personal drawings will find its way onto this site. But for now I will only upload commissions I got of my character, who is conveniently also named Coracroma (Yay! :D)

Some of my interest lie in quality art (beauty is in the eye of the beholder!), turn based strategy RPG's (most notably the Suoer Robot Taisen series, even though my ability to speak and read Japanese is pretty much nonexistent, I still enjoy them very much and try to keep up with most of their releases), movies, reading and Pen and Paper RPG's.

I also have a distinct personal interest in size related subject matter (shrinking, growth, role reversal and such).

Lastly I want to add that I currently am in a real life relationship (marriage incoming! Yay!) and am not very fond of people who just text me because of my gender (I don't consider myself to be very attractive or even that feminine, honestly I'm still flabbergasted why my fiance even got together with me D:), I had some bad experiences in that regard *shakes fist at ICQ spam filter* but that shouldn't dis-encourage anyone to talk to me. I actually love to talk to people once I get over my initial shyness and tend to do pretty crazy things once I get comfortable with someone.

So feel free to leave comments, I always appreciate them and LOVE to read them/reply to them.

With that I leave you with a cookie because you read through all of this! Good job! :)



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    Thank you for the Follow!

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    I thought multi-arm chars were the bees knees, and then I find your sona! I bet artists have fun with your commissions :D

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    you have such a beautifully unique character <3 i enjoy seeing the artwork you get of her :D

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    runs off with cookie

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    thanks for the follow, right back at ya

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    I love the ceberus idea, though I'm often curious if all the heads have the same personality and thoughts, or if they are different
    Regardless! Would you mind if I perhaps drew Coracroma sometime? My art is not that great, but, I would love to try

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    Yours is a rare kind of character in this furry art world. o.o

    Followed for sure. :) <3

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    And thank you again for the watch, I'm very glad you're following me over here aswell. :3