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My Aunt - your help

on 30 August 2018 at 14:56:37 MDT

ok so, I'm going to...try not to be too long winded?

TL;DR version: My aunt is dying of pancreatic cancer, she probably doesnt have long left. I need to go see her. Want to make enough money to pay phone bill and make this trip affordable so my mom doesnt have to spend money she doesn't have. Need to take commissions to make the money.

UPDATE: We had enough amtrak points to cover the ticket - but I would still like to make 60 bucks for the travel so my mom doesn't have to pay for anything I might need like lyft or something. Just to give me a little buffer. It'd be a huge help

I have, for over a year now, been struggling with my family through my aunt having Pancreatic Cancer. It's been hard. She lost her house when we couldn't raise enough money to make the payments she'd missed from when she missed work just before she'd been diagnosed. It was enough to help her move into a new place, and she had to lose her dogs. That was hard, but the fight was still going strong.

She was frustrated with her health, but trying. She had spirit. But as her health deteriorated I realized I needed to move myself, get closer so that if things went worse, I'd be able to come up to the city if she needed help or to visit or...if the worse came up.

I moved, I'm back in CA and that's a thing. It's helped ease some of my anxieties in regards to her. I've been able to get back on health insurance, I'm going to be getting prescriptions for my psych meds soon, I'm gonna start therapy soon, etc. But I did lose my job due to my health, which really sucked.

This last month I tried to make more money via commissions, to pay our bills. It didn't go so well, I'm assuming due to the fact that there were 6 conventions going on, apparently. We still need to make 150 for our phone bill, I was able to pay storage thanks to some unexpected help from an amazing customer.

There was a point where they were going to surgically remove her tumor. It had shrunk enough to try. But when they went in, they found more hidden behind her pancreas. They weren't able to complete the surgery, and her chemo was intensified. Shortly after, it advanced to stage 4, they found it moved to her liver.

Yesterday was my Aunt's birthday. I was going to call and congratulate her, y'know. She'd made it through another year of this...hell. She'd survived still, she was fighting. I was proud of her. With all the things going on (her son getting a, basically, life sentence cause he was an idiot. And her other thee kids homeless and suffering severe schizophrenia, while her grandson deals with his own psych issues because he's had kind of a crap childhood despite my aunts best efforts) she was still here and still going.

Instead what happens is I get a call from my mom in tears. My aunt was getting a blood transfusion, the chemo was doing more harm than good and it was destroying her counts to a dangerous degree. The chemo, per the doctor, is ending. Aunt Max is tired. This isn't the first time I've gotten a call from my mom, scared to death that we're going to lose my aunt soon. It isn't the first time I've sat in my room and cried because I cant help that impending feeling that I'm going to lose someone who has been not just a close family member, but one of my closest friends.

Today my mom texts me, asking me what it will cost for me to take a round trip up to the city to come see Aunt Max, That she's tired, and I need to come up. I know what this means, I don't like it, but its the reality of pancreatic cancer. I just...had hoped I could go up for thanksgiving, give me plenty of time to save up and give her a nice meal. Instead I go Monday, be safe.

This is where I need your help.

We really don't have the money for this, obviously, as commissions haven't been coming in.
My mom really doesn't have the money for it either. But she wants me to get her a cost.


I'm begging for your help?

I'll take on up to another 6 commissions on my queue. We need to make 150 for the phone bill, and another 60 for my travel to get up to the city. The 60 covers a round trip ticket. I will start my work again on Wednesday when I'm back, regardless of if my laptop is fixed (I will figure out how to work with my cintiq without pain or work through it I don't care.)

I will take commissions via paypal or commissio (commissio is the only place to get NSFW though)
I also have a ko-fi if you just wanna donate
you can find me on twitter for regular updates on my situation (semi-regular, my depression is kind of beating me up, I'm sure you can see why)

any help is appreciated. I'm sorry to beg like this I'm just...desperate, rn. Trying not to break down into tears. I love my aunt more than words and this entire situation is scary. <3

Thanks for everything you guys do for us, I really do appreciate every single one of you.

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