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My name is Maricela Ugarte Peña and I've been a freelance illustrator since 2006 and lately the project manager for fancyowl studio. I usually work on game and cover art, but on my free time I like to work on personal projects and user commissions, because who doesn't love having their character drawn? <3

I speak english and spanish so you can talk in either language. :)

Se habla español~ :D


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Latest Journal

Notice for my frequent commissioners

on 23 February 2017 at 12:57:41 MST

Slots Taken! Thank you!

Hello there! Long time no see! 8)
There has been a lot of things going on with my life but it seems that each time I update you guys with something it sounds like bad news so I'm just going to stop right there and come with pretty sweet news actually.

So for my frequent commissioners, those people who have 2+ commissions from me, please check the custom form template located over here:

Except instead of coloured sketch or whatever please write down "mystery badge" on that section.

I'm going to be offering a 2 commission slots for two persons! (One per person of course)
I'm going to pick two people from those (frequent customers) who send to me the forms to work on a mystery new colouring style of commission (Con Badge) I'm planning to offer sometime soon. The reason why this is not a first come first serve kind of thing is that I don't want to end up with two of the same species character, doesn't matter how different the design is, (fox, wolf, dog, etc has a very similar head structure compared to a cat, mouse, platypuss, etc) so that's why I'm looking for more variation for these two tests.

Please send me a note with the details above and just remind me which commissions I've done for you! :)
Thank you for reading and let me know how has your life been lately! :D

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1. Monochrome Sketch

Fullbody monochrome sketch. Basic character with little to no markings, short fur, hair and tail. (Wings, accessories, complex clothing, etc will raise the price)
$ 25.00

2. Coloured Sketch

Fullbody coloured sketch. Basic character with little to no markings, short fur, hair and tail. (Wings, accessories, complex clothing, etc will raise the price)
$ 30.00

3. Digital Illustration

Can be headshot, full body, portrait, etc, fully customizable with full rendering. It can come with no background, simple object background, or a custom background. Each piece is different so it will require a quote.
$ 100.00

4. Portrait

1 layer speed illustration. I get to choose what's in the picture. Headhshot / bust of your character. No modifications / alterations are allowed.
$ 35.00

For Commission information please visit:


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    I just found your page and your work is absolutely stunning. Love all the colors and details you have in each one. I am curious though, on your latest commission page you have a Princess Luna but I can't find it in your gallery. Is it posted somewhere else?

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      Yes, I posted it on my deviantart account and twitter. Will be uploading it to weasyl sometime soon as well!

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    aaaaa oh gosh thank you very much for the fav ;w;

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      Nooo problem 8D

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    aaahhh hace como mil años que no me pasaba por aqui! debo cambiar eso D:
    saluditos Chut! BTW AMO EL BELLSPROUT! ♥

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      Pues es que te desapareces D:!!!
      Y siii esta padre esa pagina de pokemon xDD

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    thanks so much!! <3
    pardon my favebomb--your gallery is incredible and i couldn't resist ; ;

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      No problem and thanks! <3