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I am a quiet Canadian artist not currently settled in anywhere!

I love comics, stories, horror, rats, crosswords, puns, and food.

I will talk your face off about any and all of the above. :D



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An entry!!

*blows dust off journal*

Hi guys!

Things have been kind of quiet! Been busy on the other account-- and recently school has practically swallowed me whole. I've got four weeks left in the whole year so of course all the final assignments are coming due.

School is awesome, though, you guys. So awesome. I'm learning so much and it's wonderful! I'm really glad I decided to go back.

So how are you fine people?

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    Your artwork is.


    is MAGICAL.
    omfg <3
    Here, have a new +watcher - in the form of a SHEP-COON!!! >8D

    (but seriously - kick-ass style about your work. ;3)
    What's your favorite kind of horror? Modern-day? Classic? Novels, movies, etc.? Clue me in! :)

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      Oh, hey, thanks! :D
      I think my favorite kind will always be ghost stories. And the ones that are more psychological than gore or anything. There's a movie called The Pact that is my 100% fave all the way!!

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        Ah, coolness! 8) I'll definitely have to rent "The Pact" and watch it... from what I've heard, it's flippin' uber-scary. Sounds pretty awesome! Might even help me out to inspire a few story ideas... >:D
        If you haven't yet, I'd advise finding Peter Straub's "Ghost Story" and Shirley Jackson's "The Haunting of Hill House": those novels are definitely stand-out horror works, especially involving ghosts and the supernatural. :3
        Another good collection is Stephen King's "Night Shift". There's a few stories in that book that I still refuse to re-read, mainly because they scared me so damn heavily from before. XP OOOH! Also Richard Matheston's "I Am Legend". That one is a killer read as well.

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          I read The Haunting Of Hill House recently! It was really interesting and I really enjoyed the conclusion. I really loved Dracula, too *3* I saw the movie of I Am Legend but haven't read the book; how would you say they compare?
          WRT Stephen King... Hm. I read Lisey's Story recently. There were definitely parts that got to me, but the larger part of the story I felt pretty ambivalent towards. Maybe his shorter stuff would strike more of a chord though!

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            I Am Legend has been re-made into about four, maybe five different movies... NONE of them even come close to the novelized book-version. ;) Way more startling and captivating. Plus lots of physical attributes are left to the reader's own interpretation, which is cool for others to paint their own pictures from what they read about... making everything way spookier. XD
            Lisey's Story is extremely trippy, especially since there's subtle connections to other earlier novels of his throughout. Personally I'm especially fond of his short stories because they're definitely stand-alone and all too often super-intense. Its best to take one at a time, maybe one per day, just to let 'em sink in a bit. >:3
            Another super-awesome horror author (perhaps you've read his stuff before, I hope) is H.P. Lovecraft. That man has redefined the horror genre like no other, IMO. I mean... there'd be no Cthulhu without Lovecraft!

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              I also need to finish up reading Duma Key. Started, but it was a book my sister had borrowed from a friend, and I couldn't finish it before she had to return it.

              Lovecraft's stuff is definitely interesting. I have a collection of his stories sitting on my shelf waiting to be finished. I think his shorter stuff is the most interesting, too -- especially the stuff about the King In Yellow. He was an odd fellow, that one.

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    Ziblililililie. I would looove to get another commish from you ;w;