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I'm Happy-sorry!

I am the Taum maker! Taums are a closed species,
My oc is also a Taum

I use paint tool sai for all my paintings!
I'm still figuring out this website and all!
And I hope to see you guys more often around here!

Thank you!


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How are you guys?

How are you guys doing? ahah i've always kind of think of weasyl as the quiet farm town of the art world. Where everything kind of goes at a gentle slow easy pace. .//w. its very nice.

Hows the village of the weasyl doing? anything new? anything you're proud of?

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    Your gallery is so adorable!

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      Thank you so very much!

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    I am just absolutely in LOVE with your Taum species. :D They're so awesome and cute and terrifying all in one and I think that's fantastic! XD Very much enjoying all the art of them. ^^ Maybe one day I can pick up one of my own, lol. In the meantime, keep up the excellent work! <3

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    Your work is so pretty! You have definatley earned a watch

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    Happysorry, I didn't know you had a weasyl account.

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      yes Xd always ahahah

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        I just joined Weasyl from DA. I was THELADYHORSE.

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