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I'm Happy-sorry!

I am the Taum maker! Taums are a closed species,
My oc is also a Taum

I use paint tool sai for all my paintings!
I'm still figuring out this website and all!
And I hope to see you guys more often around here!

Thank you!


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How are you guys?

on 23 April 2016 at 16:44:30 MDT

How are you guys doing? ahah i've always kind of think of weasyl as the quiet farm town of the art world. Where everything kind of goes at a gentle slow easy pace. .//w. its very nice.

Hows the village of the weasyl doing? anything new? anything you're proud of?

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    Your gallery is so adorable!

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    I am just absolutely in LOVE with your Taum species. :D They're so awesome and cute and terrifying all in one and I think that's fantastic! XD Very much enjoying all the art of them. ^^ Maybe one day I can pick up one of my own, lol. In the meantime, keep up the excellent work! <3

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    Your work is so pretty! You have definatley earned a watch

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    Happysorry, I didn't know you had a weasyl account.

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      yes Xd always ahahah

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        I just joined Weasyl from DA. I was THELADYHORSE.

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