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Commissions: Closing indefinitely

So, in about a month I will start interning full time at a big advertising agency. I'm not guaranteed an actual job after the internship is over, but there's a decent chance I'll make it as long as I bust my ass.

That being said, this agency frowns upon things like moonlighting, so when I start this internship I will be ending commissions here indefinitely. If I get the full time job after my internship, [i]commissions will be permanently closed.[/i] With all that said, though, I still have about a month until I have to stop doing commission work, so I will be opening for possibly my last three commission slots ever.


[b]Sketches:[/b] $15
Sketches can be either digital or traditional. Digital sketches can be done on any sized canvas, though traditional will typically be done on 11”x9.5” Strathmore paper, which can be shipped to you (the price of shipping is not included in the above price). Please let me know which medium you prefer, or I will default to digital.
Sketches are messy, lineart only. No backgrounds.
Extra characters will be an additional $5 per character.
Color will cost an extra $8, and will be done in Photoshop.

[b]Portrait:[/b] $45
Portraits are digitally painted, highly detailed pictures containing just the head and torso of a character. Backgrounds will mostly be limited to texturing or limited detail.
Extra character: $20

[b]Single character, no background:[/b] $60
Single character commissions are digital paintings of a single, highly detailed character. Backgrounds will be limited to texturing or something of limited detail.
Extra limbs: $15 per set
Extra character: $45 per character

[b]Dreamscapes:[/b] $75
Dreamscapes are digitally painted, highly stylized and surreal fantasy landscapes, with a character or two thrown in there. The difference between a dreamscape and a single character with background commission is that there is much less emphasis and detail on characters in the dreamscape, and more emphasis on the landscape itself.
Extra character: $20

[b]Single character, with background:[/b] $80
Single character commissions are digitally painted, highly detailed paintings where the central character takes up the majority of the canvas as they are interacting with the intricate background.
Additional characters: $50

Spirits of Alcohol[/b] $90


Complex fur designs: $10 (does not include basic spots or tiger stripes)

Extra limbs: $15 per set

Cubi: $80, (no background)
Cubi are characters from the webcomic [url=]DMFA[/url] that have two extra sets of wings (four wings total), which is why they cost more than characters without wings. If you have a cubi character, but you only want one pair of wings showing (or none, I know they shapeshift), prices can be discussed.

Complex markings and extra limbs will cost an extra $10.

[b]Conbadges[/b] - $30 (they will be $45 at the con)
Badges can be either digital or traditional (Copic marker on Bristol board), about 4x3 inches, and are made with a simple art nouveau style background. Payment for badges can be made either via Paypal or in person at the con. Digital badges will be printed out and delivered at the convention.

I'm going to open the usual 3 slots for this.

All prices are in USD

If interested, please send me a note and we can discuss things from there!

Before ordering, please check out my [url=]Terms of Service[/url]

1.) OPEN
2.) OPEN
3.) OPEN

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