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You have nice manners, for a thief... by sugarpoultry

You have nice manners, for a thief...


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So many layers.... so many hours... dies
Worth every second? YES!

My tribute to The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. A MAGNIFICENT movie! And seriously, Smaug is the star of the show. Benedict Cumberbatch's voice.... AND facial/body movements.... seriously could you ask for more?! HE WAS PERFECT. The most perfect dragon film has ever seen, yes I dare say it, he beat Draco (at least for me, which says a lot).

If you haven't seen this movie, GO SEE IT. You will not be disappointed. ;)

I was overly picky in my depiction of Smaug. Those who saw my WIP on my Facebook saw I struggled back and forth all over the place finding accurate references to paint him. Being that the movie isn't out yet on DVD, I don't have screen shots, only little snippits of gif sets that people (thankfully) captures from inside the theater. Their illegal footage was my gateway to painting him! Haha!

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    Amazing picture!

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    I am so glad he was amazing in that movie, that really made the movie for me!

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    Lovely painting skills :)

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    AMAZING!!!! love that film and the dragon XD

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    Omg it's Smaugggg! He was awesome, just.. so awesome!
    Love this. I fave!

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    That is an incredible picture! Wow!