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COLOUR wing it commissions: OPEN!

on 27 May 2015 at 20:21:03 MDT

So I've got a few colour commissions left to do, so I'm opening up some more so I don't have a gap between batches :)
I'm pretty happy with the way they've been going recently, and want to keep them coming!

I'm taking one or two character commissions.
One character commissions for $90
Two character commissions for $150
If you want something with more than two characters, note me, and we'll work something out. :)
Characters with extra detail and limbs may add to the price.
You'll get your character (or characters) in full colour, and in a scene, background and all.
All you'll need to do is send along your refs and paypal address in a note once I confirm that you've snagged a spot (by commenting on this journal saying you'd like one). It would also be really cool if you included a bit of info about your character, like what they're like, and what sort of world or timeframe they exist in. Are they a midievel knight? A sci-fi gun slinger? A sewer repair man? I'm gonna need to know stuff like that!
I WON'T be taking direction on any specifics, like pose, or situation, or anything like that.

They looks like this!

or, y'know, just check my gallery. There are tons of examples XD

SO it's first come first serve, so comment quick if you think you'd like one :)
Also don't be afraid to ask for one even if all the spots are full. Drop outs happen more than you'd think.
I also often give the people who comment on my commission journals, but don't get a spot the first crack at a spot the next time I open.

I'm taking ten this time round, so grab yours before they're all gone! :)

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