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I'm a self-professed writer from Dayton Ohio, and a reclusive gamer (from Commodore 64 gaming paraphernalia up to what there is in gaming now.).

I like to create various colloquial circumstances in a textual form. I have a multitude of ideas for story writing, though most of them are either massively unscrupulous, or just very "rough around the edges."

I'm not exactly as crazy as I might seem at first, and will talk to and chat with anybody. There is no prejudice or "needless barriers" in this corner of Weasyl, so feel free to post whatever you want on this page and in my submissions, unless of course what you post is intended to harass, which will result in an immediate ban. Every single bit of contact made with me is a contribution to my art drive, so there's no fear of simply being amiable in all friendliness, as in all actuality I'm not as uptight as I may seem from time to time.

I highly appreciate feedback and critique, but only if it is constructive, and not derogatory. I will only give as much respect as I myself am given.

Thank you, whomever this should apply to, for visiting this page. It means a lot to me.


Nirvana Paradox

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The notion of engaging entertainment

on 20 October 2017 at 19:01:48 MDT

I have a hard time not picturing people who get overly serious about entertainment as either some YouTuber type riding some manner of hype, or someone comparatively lowly in standing.

It seems everywhere I look concerning most entertainment, there exists the kinds of people I just don't want to be around on a consistent basis. It seems we're past the point where you simply power on an NES, Sega Genesis, and SNES, or pick up a handheld gaming device solely to enjoy yourself, but this isn't true. Casual gaming is thriving, though scorned by everyone who doesn't feel sufficiently challenged by what comes of it. It's funny. Like, you have the whole "Dark Souls" video game crowd that won't suffer anything less than a brutal romp through "Blow The Game Developers" Land, and other such fanboyish types of people who get off on fully expressing their insecurities through their preferred entertainment medium. I won't mince words: It's pathetic.

Then you have that these same people abhor anyone they perceive as a quote/unquote - and I can't say this without feeling horribly stupid - "normie". Really, we've come from that people who live normal lives are the superior folk, to that now people who obsess over their NVIDIA GTX 1080ti video cards are the "master race" in all of their basement/bedroom bound glory. Really, when you have to section off normal people into a category you loathe, it really speaks volumes on just how lowly a piece of trash you are.

It's things like this that forever have me pondering what in the name of sanity anyone is even supposedly learning in school. It was over half a decade ago that I heard from several online sources that the American school system is really subpar, and I suppose that information wasn't to be taken lightly. It's probably safe to say that people's intellect these days is less driven by good education, and more so based around incessant circlejerking communities all looking to dominate. It's crngeworthy, and more so this on that a lot of them are funded.


In the end, it's the silent majority that makes the largest waves in matters while the pathetically loud minorities simply clog up the news stories and hearsay.

Also, it isn't worth noting, but I still enjoy "hard games", but have no love for these usurpatory macho individuals and their playground antics.

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