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Caves of Qud dream

on 5 October 2018 at 08:08:45 MDT

Yes, I had a dream about Caves of Qud, an insanely deep roguelike video game.

Firstly, I honestly don't recognize each and every system of play in (the current build of) Caves of Qud (rather, the vast majority of them). This dream was like speculation, and personally, I feel it poorly represented the game.

The setting was a college campus, of which I was a student. There was a writing class, of which was a part of my curriculum (I was a member of it). We were tasked with reading and interpreting a story based around Caves of Qud.


Having fun yet?


Either through actual real occurrences, or just psychotic delusion - and by rules I'm not even actually aware are either true or false - I became some sort of abomination of a monster. Whatever I was, it was something like a "dragon". I could roar, and did so after my sudden and unexplained "transformation" into this creature. I then began to randomly attack others, specifically people who were nearby the cafeteria, and eat them messily; brutally. Situations arose, and the authorities showed up at the school, but didn't get directly involved with me.

Somehow, I was not only this "dragon", but also my normal human self. There was a specific man, maybe a faculty member, who desperately tried to escape the building I was in. Either I noticed this firsthand, or the dream went into a sort of "free camera" mode where I was allowed to observe it. There was another man, who was actually the deacon of my non-dream, real life church (?). The former man not only tried to escape the building, but also lock everyone else inside. The deacon (for lack of a better label) counteracted this, and made sure the doors were open for everyone. Stranger still was that no one in the school building actually tried to leave.

"As my normal human self" (whatever that means), I walked down an occupied corridor, accompanied by two friends, who were also normal human beings. Some of the occupants of this corridor were cops, others, civilians. There were school instructors who both were gravely concerned with me, and others who were awestruck by the subject matter of the aforementioned writing class. Both funneled their efforts into two goals: Finding out what the class' story was even about, and deciphering what manner of being I even was. I recall stating that Caves of Qud quote, "will mess you up", in lieu of certain faculty members arguing with other faculty members over just what to even do with me concerning the..."consumed students".


Then the dream ended.


You can play Caves of Qud on Steam.

Trying to fully interpret this game will make you insane.

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