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I'm a self-professed writer from Dayton Ohio, and a reclusive gamer (from Commodore 64 gaming paraphernalia up to what there is in gaming now.).

I like to create various colloquial circumstances in a textual form. I have a multitude of ideas for story writing, though most of them are either massively unscrupulous, or just very "rough around the edges."

I'm not exactly as crazy as I might seem at first, and will talk to and chat with anybody. There is no prejudice or "needless barriers" in this corner of Weasyl, so feel free to post whatever you want on this page and in my submissions, unless of course what you post is intended to harass, which will result in an immediate ban. Every single bit of contact made with me is a contribution to my art drive, so there's no fear of simply being amiable in all friendliness, as in all actuality I'm not as uptight as I may seem from time to time.

I highly appreciate feedback and critique, but only if it is constructive, and not derogatory. I will only give as much respect as I myself am given.

Thank you, whomever this should apply to, for visiting this page. It means a lot to me.


Nirvana Paradox

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I'll never post anything more relevant than this

on 23 June 2017 at 03:46:57 MDT

From a most recent tweet chain of mine:


Most hobbies dealing in artificiality carry an element of delusion. Why are such things needed, or necessary? It terrifies me to ponder it.
I'm concerned about more than a lack of interest in hobbies, but the nature of those hobbies. It's frightening knowing mind power is wasted.
A time for everything, but why devote time to futility and fabrication? I cherished fantasy. Now I feel as if it's a sink not worth loving.
We feel most at home when lost in something, be it a person's love, or another experience. I don't want to be lost. I want to be wholly free.
Life for most people means living a certain way to please some invisible father figure. Nothing matters beyond the struggle. It's deafening.
I want the stereotypes, the archetypes, the categories, the sects, the subsets, to all end. I don't care about performances. I want serenity.
I don't want new products, or new stories. I don't want systemic progression. I don't want affiliation with a faction. I want Nirvana. Love.
I don't want to kill. I don't want to simulate killing, or simulate warring and oppression. I don't want a happiness "pill". I want true joy.
I want peace. And it seems like there is no peace beyond reprieve, or apart from entrenchment in broad delusion. We're made to war with all.


There will never be a more relevant post on my Weasyl page than this one.

Thank you for your consideration.

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