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Hello all. I'm still around.

I haven't gone anywhere, except largely away from my art site accounts. I've become casual. It's nice to see what others contribute, but I don't have much to contribute myself.

I remember brainstorming a poem one afternoon last year, I think. I'm mostly out of the writing habit now.

I see that the furry fandom is still ever-polarized between the seemly and the unseemly still. Suffice to say, I still have interest in both sides of the furry spectrum. It's all art, regardless of techniques used to portray something highly suspect.

I've just been gaming, but lightly. Hardcore effort on rare occasion, but mostly just poking at titles, and various budding projects.

If any of you are wondering where "The old GuzzleMuzzle" went, I'll say, it's pretty much dormant. The rampant appreciation and leaning towards fetishization is still there, along with the love of all things amazing in contemporary art. I'm as much of an enthusiast for what's more likely to make its way into a conversation as I am the material you'll more likely keep private. :P

I've heard about only a handful of things that have gone on in the fandom. I've more readily been geared towards video game paraphernalia (video game "stuff"). It's fun to see what's being made, and not always fun to hear news.

I've for the most part kept out of political matters. Sides sides sides. I just want peace and harmony.

I've made a few new friends, one in particular whom I am greatly grateful to have met. Sadly, I haven't made much of an effort to keep in contact with some old friends, or they've just gone off the map. Here's hoping they're all doing well.

Funny to think it's been over 9 years since I made myself known to furry kind. In consideration of a few discrepancies, I've made a habit out of distancing myself from it, though not from friends despite my lack of effort to stay in touch. Most folks are aware of that there's usually drama where furries go, but it's not always the case.

I'm wondering where - excuse me - some of those godly artists have gone! The folks who produced works so great you can find links to shady websites that feature them. Surely enough, some of them have moved on from those ventures for whatever reason, while others are still at it in artistry, and many others have changed their tune to fit other desires. I too went on a long hiatus from my writing, as I was deeply disturbed by it. I won't be returning to it any time soon. The effort it took just makes me weary now.


Hope you guys are all okay. Stay healthy, and have a great, and even awesome, life throughout the coming years! Comfort your friends and loved ones. Times can be really dark these days...

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