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I'm a self-professed writer from Dayton Ohio, and a reclusive gamer (from Commodore 64 gaming paraphernalia up to what there is in gaming now.).

I like to create various colloquial circumstances in a textual form. I have a multitude of ideas for story writing, though most of them are either massively unscrupulous, or just very "rough around the edges."

I'm not exactly as crazy as I might seem at first, and will talk to and chat with anybody. There is no prejudice or "needless barriers" in this corner of Weasyl, so feel free to post whatever you want on this page and in my submissions, unless of course what you post is intended to harass, which will result in an immediate ban. Every single bit of contact made with me is a contribution to my art drive, so there's no fear of simply being amiable in all friendliness, as in all actuality I'm not as uptight as I may seem from time to time.

I highly appreciate feedback and critique, but only if it is constructive, and not derogatory. I will only give as much respect as I myself am given.

Thank you, whomever this should apply to, for visiting this page. It means a lot to me.


Nirvana Paradox

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Take note if you go to parties or restaurants

on 18 August 2017 at 10:57:30 MDT

A dream probably isn't the best source of knowledge, but in this specific case, I'd say it is. I'll cut right into the meat of this.

I dreamed I was at a banquet party at my church. The members held a building-wide dinner; people sitting down to eat in any room. A young boy challenged me to steal a cookie from a woman who seemed to have one on her person, and for some foolish reason, I did (I think I was somewhat younger in this dream).

In this dream, there was a room in my church reserved for church members who would sleep in; a bedroom with several beds and a closet. The young boy who was my "partner in crime" at this point wanted me to go in there so he could eat the cookie away from notice. I went there with him.

When we arrived in the room, I cautiously walked around a wall that led to a large closet. Once around it by a considerable margin, I saw a young man standing in it with his arms crossed behind his back. He was all alone. Nobody was in this particular part of the church during the banquet, and he chose to stand in such an awkward place all alone by himself. Upon seeing me, there was one particular thing he did that startled me slightly. He simply uttered this word in a moderate tone: "Bang." He seemed very unstable. I was granted enough time to still look at him for about another 3 seconds, before I and my accomplice then chose to leave the room and warn the attendees.

We went to a room where my parents currently were, and yelled aloud to grab everyone's attention, yelling for them to listen to me. I was quite frantic in my talking though. I warned them about him, and someone took steps to solve the problem. Then the dream ended.


The thing to note here is this: Wherever you are, if you see someone enacting suspicious, unusual behavior, you should tell the nearest authority figure or adult or establishment associate or owner as soon as possible. You could end up saving lives.

I say this coming from a bit of experience. In real life, my family went to a McDonalds once, and there was a security officer who seemed very unstable. Someone had warned the staff inside the McDonalds, and they warned their superiors. The man was promptly confronted by policemen, and taken away, for his own good, and the good of the McDonalds customers and staff.

Never pass up a chance to report suspicious activity nearby. You could very well end up being the hero people needed at just the right time.

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