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I am ALWAYS OPEN for "Throw Me a Bone" commissions!

To apply for one, simply read and fill out this Google Form: Details are included within the form, or you can read my journal here:

I also still do coloration-commissions, where I color something pre-existing for you. :3

For info on this, check my Commission Info tab. I do these on a case by case basis, so feel free to send me a PM about it!

~ The Bright and Tasty Love of my Life ~



I'm Charem the Shadox, arf! =3 That's short for 'shadow-dog-fox' if you didn't know! I'm just a silly ghost-pup with some weird and wild abilities...but I don't bite, usually!

I come in three forms, too!

  • My 'Body' form is male, cute and floofy and what most will see. What people loved about my old self, they'll still see and love in my Body form! I'm the most physical in this form, and have only weak ghostly powers.
  • My 'Mind' form is a sexy seductress of a gal, much 'darker' but not evil...usually. She can be quite a bit harder with vore...people going in her don't tend to come out in the same state! Mind is physical but neither alive nor dead, sort of in a limbo-state with life...and she is EXCEPTIONALLY powerful with her ghostly traits, watch out! ;3
  • And then there's my 'Soul' form, genderless and a pure spirit of chaos...sort of a vent form, but there's a little more to it than that. It's fully dead, just an intangible spirit, though it's also quite powerful...dangerously so sometimes!

All of my forms are still 'me', Charem the Shadox, and still one 'sona', but they do have different personality edges to them too! All one, but all separate.

I used to be Charem the Charmeleon for about 14 years, and I still DEEPLY love Chars, but after two years of planning I've decided to change my sona. Why? Well, Charem the Charmeleon was such a long-held fursona that it no longer represented who I was today; it represented a much-younger self. I found it hard to 'be' Charem the Charmeleon, because I've grown up over the years and gained new parts of myself that never fit my Charmeleon correctly, causing me to repress parts of myself. Charem the Shadox, though...those three forms represent both the old and new parts of my personality, letting me simply focus on a form depending on how I feel at any one time...and I feel far more comfortable with the whole of myself, far more free, doing this. <3 (Body reps my male, cute, subby, pettish and younger self; Mind reps my female, adult, cynical, and dominant self; Soul reps some of my emotional states and the inherent chaos inside me that everybody has.)

Also, I'm a Shadox now because canines are just awesome too, woof! <3 I thought long and hard about my design, because I realize that canine furs are pretty common fellas, and I wanted to make sure to spice myself up and be unique. I hope I managed to be! ^^

Want to make your own shadox? Feel free! They're an open species with plenty of variety, and I've created a how-to guide on creating your own here:


I have a Skype, and a Telegram. I'm pretty private about both. I may add someone to my Skype for a good reason; however, my Telegram is utterly locked down. I'm not always the most social guy all the time, and it's easy for me to get too swarmed with I'm not always on my Skype. I do remain on my Telegram all the time, for very special people in my life so they always have a direct line to me... In short, please don't message me on my Skype without receiving permission via other means - and definitely please don't message me on Telegram unless you're one of the ones I already speak to there. (You know who you are~) I've had people figure out my accounts on both (lately, quite a few on Telegram) and while I appreciate the interest, please understand it's sort of like barging in on me. ;P

Oh - and people who only PM me to ask for my messengers? If I don't even know who you are, the answer will always be no! x3 One-on-one conversation is not something I just give a total stranger; talk to me on this site or come to my streams and then maybe we'll see.

Latest Journal

So! Welcome! Lemme talk about this account a bit!

I imagine a lot of people are watching in response to my FA journal. If you haven't read it, it's over here:

Basically, I'm now prioritizing Weasyl a heck of a lot more. I got suspended on FA due to a mistake I made, which made me realize that all my errors on FA over the whole 11 years I've been there have only added up. There's never a forgiveness policy; I haven't made that many mistakes, but they're nonetheless building up over time. (Hard not to, when you've literally spent more than 1/3rd of your life on a place!)

Long story short, the next mistake on FA gets me banned there. So that's why I'm being active here!

I'm not actually leaving FA unless/until I get banned. (Hopefully that doesn't happen.) But even so, I'm gonna be uploading everything I post on FA, to here too. It's unlikely I'll write as many journals here as FA (stream announcements, for instance, will remain at FA). But yeah, I'll be active in both places for sure.

If I get banned on FA, then I will be FULLY active here on Weasyl. It will become my main art site. At that point, you can expect ALL the activity I do on FA to happen over here.

So yeah! That's a summary! Thanks for watching me here, guys!

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    Hey, Charem!! Just stopping by to say hey!! OuO

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    Hello! It's TheCriticalFurr from FA! I have a Weasyl Account!! Please, call me John.

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      Is that right? And yet you made a Weasyl account to say this...adding to your own pre-conceived problem much?