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This is my official art repository for art I used to have hosted on FurAffinity before that site got...very poorly-managed. This will remain my main art gallery for the time being, and yes, I may even post new stuff if I feel the desire!

Though, I am very much aware that Weasyl is not massively-popular as far as furry sites go. I may consider an alternative place to be active in the future (if I do, watch for my journals here), but for now I would prefer staying here. It's honestly a pretty chill site with almost-identical rules to FA, yet having a much more reasonable staff team.


I'm Charem the Shadox, arf! =3 That's short for 'shadow-dog-fox' if you didn't know! I'm just a silly ghost-pup with some weird and wild abilities...but I don't bite, usually!

I come in three forms, too!

  • My 'Body' form is male, cute and floofy and what most will see. What people loved about my old self, they'll still see and love in my Body form! I'm the most physical in this form, and have only weak ghostly powers.
  • My 'Mind' form is more serious and 'darker' but not evil...usually. Mind is physical but neither alive nor dead, sort of in a limbo-state with life...and she is EXCEPTIONALLY powerful with her ghostly traits, watch out!
  • And then there's my 'Soul' form, genderless and a pure spirit of chaos...sort of a vent form, but there's a little more to it than that. It's fully dead, just an intangible spirit, though it's also quite powerful...dangerously so sometimes!

All of my forms are still 'me', Charem the Shadox, and still one 'sona', but they do have different personality flourishes to them too! All one, but all separate.

I used to be Charem the Charmeleon for about 14 years, and I still DEEPLY love Chars, but after two years of planning I've decided to change my sona. Why? Well, Charem the Charmeleon was such a long-held fursona that it no longer represented who I was today. Charem the Shadox, though...those three forms represent both the old and new parts of my personality, letting me simply focus on a form depending on how I feel at any one time...and I feel far more comfortable with the whole of myself, far more free, doing this. <3

Also, I'm a Shadox now because canines are just awesome too, woof! <3 I thought long and hard about my design, because I realize that canine furs are pretty common fellas, and I wanted to make sure to spice myself up and be unique. I hope I managed to be! ^^


I have a Discord, and a Telegram. I'm pretty private about both. I may add someone to my Skype for a good reason; however, my Telegram is utterly locked down. I'm not always the most social guy all the time, and it's easy for me to get too swarmed with messages. I do remain on my Telegram all the time, for very special people in my life so they always have a direct line to me... [b]In short, please don't message me on my Discord without receiving permission via other means - and definitely please don't message me on Telegram unless you're one of the ones I already speak to there. (You know who you are~)[/b] I've had people figure out my accounts on both (lately, quite a few on Telegram) and while I appreciate the interest, please understand it's sort of like barging in on me. ;P

Oh - and people who only PM me to ask for my messengers? If I don't even know who you are, the answer will always be no! x3 One-on-one conversation is not something I just give a total stranger; talk to me about more detailed things or come to my streams and then maybe we'll see. ^^

Latest Journal

Well howdy everyone!

I did not actually expect such a drove of people to come by and follow me over here! Welcome everyone!

So this place will be my official art repository for what was previously my FurAffinity gallery. Weasyl has near-identical rules to FA, but a much-chiller and more-reasonable moderation team, so this is a nice place to host everything.

Keep in mind this is a repository first and foremost; a storage. I am definitely still active here (and I'm still active on FA too, despite my gallery-removal), so please do feel free to leave comments and such! But as far as me posting new art goes...well, we'll see. I've been sort of out of the mood to share art for a few years now as I've focused my life towards other things, but I definitely feel way more comfortable posting here than I do FA. Who knows; I might feel inspired if enough people end up following me over here. ^^

I'm aware a lot of people left FA for Eka's as of late, and that did cross my mind as a possibility too. I do have an Eka's account and have for some time (even have some stuff hosted there too from back in the day; if you're curious), but I would say I like Weasyl's layout way more than Eka's. Eka's is definitely a bit more active than Weasyl, but...well, for now, I'm just gonna watch what people do with this whole FA debacle.

I actually feel Eka's might be a poor choice in the future, though. They do allow cub content there, which I personally do not mind at all but I feel like Eka's will just get the same activist waves that FA's been having if enough people move to Eka's. Weasyl here doesn't accept cub at all, and so it's not as likely to see all of that drama.

And really, that's also why I'm over here. Is this a popular site? No. Is this a site that's more or less avoided drama? Heck yes. And that's ultimately the strongest reason why I'm here.

If you came by and made an account to watch me here, maybe browse the rest of Weasyl too! It's a quieter site, but hardly a dead site; there's some cool people on here posting cool stuff, so check it out. ^^

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    nice work with all the art~

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    Hey charem! I just come to say hi!

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      Thanks bud!

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        Charem im on stream rn and sadly i can't say hi there and i accident press unfollow but something not allow me to follow back

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    Hey, Charem!! Just stopping by to say hey!! OuO

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      Hey man! ^^