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Changed Fan Music ◾️🌓◽️ The Rooftop by Charem

Changed Fan Music ◾️🌓◽️ The Rooftop

Changed Fan Music ◾️🌓◽️ The Rooftop


Changed is © :icondrdragontim:.

This is the first song I personally ever wrote and completed in Famitracker, originally to be added to the developing 'Changed Fan Album' that Ressen started.. :)

This is a theme for the roof of the laboratory tower. The destroyed city surrounding the tower is easily viewed from way up here, creating a dead and somber mood. The light rain-shower drizzling down only darkens your mood further. It seems not even the latex creatures wish to lurk out here, leaving you alone to your thoughts. At least you can get a fresh drink of water while you're here...

I wanted to write this piece as I am always a big fan of towers in video games. While the point of Changed is to climb downwards, I'm always intrigued by the very tops of towers, and Puro even briefly mentions collecting water out on the roof before it became too dangerous to trek there. It left me wondering about this unexplored location, at the top of a desolate world...and so I wrote this song.

This music is actually being repurposed for my upcoming game, Shifted, now.