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A Whale of a Time: Weight Gain Drive! (BONUS 2) - Art by Fluffs by Charem

A Whale of a Time: Weight Gain Drive! (BONUS 2) - Art by Fluffs


This is the second of four bonus images of the Weight Gain Drive with the artist Fluffs! These bonus images were earned by the amazing participation and contributions by donators to the drive, and will be released around one a month! These bonus images (for the most part) continue the story from the main Drive images!


Ruffer sighed with a weighty groan as he waddled out of the BloaTV storage warehouse, his belly doing its own groans as it churned greedily around its cookie-contents. But Ruffer's groan was not nearly as happy as his gut's. He had been caught after all, and if he was unlucky...

'Vrrrr!' His tail vibrated. He reached into the fluffy appendage, pulling out his cell phone from where he always kept it. (What? He doesn't have pockets.) Tapping it on, he saw the text from the Boss, the Head Honcho of the business... 'Theft of company property? Not enough of a loss that we'll press charges, but it's all on security feed. You're fired.' Yuuuup. Ruffer expected this. It wasn't the first time his appetite had removed him from a job...ironic, then, that it removed him from a job all about eating this time.

The well-engorged dog looked up. His frustration had made him wander right over to the garage and parking side of the company lot, and there was quite a beefy semi truck idling in one of the exit lanes. Even despite its size, Ruffer could swear he heard its metal flatbed creaking a little bit...and understandably-so. On the back of it, tied down securely, was Tucker the Poochyena. Charem the Shadox sat (or perhaps, flabbily-oozed) on the grass nearby, with a couple workers standing in-between. They seemed to be working out how to load the second doggo-blob onto the truck... Perhaps, stacking? And with a LOT more ratchet straps? The two over-obesified canines seemed all too out of it to complain, regardless; still lost in their food comas, their body's energy undoubtedly still working to digest rather than think.

Ruffer thought for a moment. It was a semi-common occurrence after an episode of A Whale of a Time; the larger contestants would have to be rolled out the large semi-garage entrance, and put on a semi-truck to who-knows-where. Their home? They likely wouldn't fit inside anymore. A public attraction site? More likely. Maybe as props for some monster movie? That'd save a lot in special effects... The Rockruff never really thought about it too much during his stint working there. But he had paid enough attention to know that these two blobbo-doggos surely had reached a record-size for the show...

Not that it did his ex-job any good.

Ruffer looked down at his phone once more, switching to another texting window and typing to his Cutie, venting a bit of his frustrations to his understanding mate. Well, he didn't know where those two blobs were going, but he knew HE was going home, at least...

And to a good big lunch, to be sure~ Eating all those cookies HAD worked up an appetite...


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    Heck, that big ol' flabby Shadox belly looks wonderfully soft and warm and fluffy to lie on~ ^ω^
    Hope you have a wonderful day! <3 <3
    Hugs and belly rubs~

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      Thank you! <3 Super soft, super fluffy, super nice~