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Hello hello Star Creatures 'n' Critters! I'm Ashcraft Starborne. My ultimate goal and dream is to make a living as a Gothic Furry Influencer & Maker. Creative expression is very important to me; I find it therapeutic to channel my emotions and active imagination into something productive. I like to consider myself a “jack of all trades” or “Maker” for short, but the skills I’m trying to pour the most focus into mastering are Sewing, Sculpting, and Writing.

As a Maker I explore various forms of art, but the primary forms I go back to (other than my focus mediums) are drawing, painting, and designing. My work is all primarily inspired by semi-realism, anime/manga, and high fantasy, oftentimes with a glitchcore or occult/witchy flair.

If you enjoy, please favorite, like, and share my work with anyone you think would also enjoy it. In conclusion, I'd like to add how much I appreciate anyone and everyone who supports my artwork regardless of method. The fact that you believe in my work that much means a lot to me! From the bottom of my heart, thanks kindly to each and every one of you!

☆ To find links to all my online accounts, see my carrd:

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It's never too late to grow and learn for the better.

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Thank you!

Collectively, among all of my platforms, I have 161 watchers/followers! Whaaaat!? I checked, and it seems that 98% of you guys are watching only a single account of mine, so for the most part, you're all individuals :D Thank you so much! I don't have an overall follower count goal or expectation or anything like that, I just want people to follow if they like what I do and want to see more. It blows my mind that this many peepz like my stuff haha It takes an audience to become independent on my art, so I want ya'll to know that I deeply appreciate each and every one of you star creatures, critters, and dustlings out there c: I hope you like what I've got in store~

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    Omg, thank you very much for ALL the favs!! :DDDD

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      You're so very welcome! c: You have a wonderful day dear ♥

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    Thank you kindly for the fav!

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    Thank you for the fav ^,,^

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    thanks for the fav :3

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    Thank you so much for the follow! I really appreciate it :D

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      Of course :D Like I said on FA, saved the link to follow you here too X3 Your work is fantastic~

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