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Welcome star creatures 'n' critters! I'm Ashcraft, a queer multi-media artist with a gothic furry aesthetic. My art style tends to be in the semi-realistic, anime/manga, and/or fantasy in nature, or at the very least inspired by other art in these categories.

I'm primarily focusing on my traditional & digital art skills, but I have a vision for the direction I'd like to take everything over the next several years. I'm just taking it one step at a time. As I develop my skills, I fully intend to expand into one of a kind sculpture, doll customization, novel writing, fursuit building, bone re-articulation and post-mortem animal preservation. Ideally I'd also like to rebuild my wardrobe from the ground up either DIYing it or even designing and sewing pieces from scratch as well. While I do so, I will be sharing my progress via YouTube as well as express myself through reviews and commentary all pertaining to my artwork, my passions, and all the things that drive me to create the work that I do.


All of my mature artworks are appropriately tagged/flagged and I have plenty of rated E for Everyone art as well, but just know that a good chunk of my artwork explores mature, adult themes that have touched me in one way or another. These topics include but are not limited to philosophy, death/suicide, gender, environmentalism, mental illness, and marijuana.

Thank you so much for your time, and have a wonderful rest of your day everyone!


Base Prices Per Character

0) Chibi
$ 3.00
1) Headshot
$ 3.00
2) Bust
$ 4.00
3) Waist-Up
$ 5.00
4) Half-Body
$ 6.00
5) Knee-Up
$ 7.00
6) Full Body
$ 8.00
add  a) Inked
$ 2.00
add  b) Color Splash Sketch
$ 3.00
add  c) Inked Color Splash
$ 3.00
add  d) Full Color Sketch
$ 5.00
add  e) Inked Full Color
$ 6.00


Skull Sketch
$ 1.00
add  a) Inked Skull
$ 1.00
add  b) Day of the Dead Skull Sketch
$ 2.00
add  c) Color Splash Skull Sketch
$ 2.00
add  d) Full Color Skull Sketch
$ 3.00
add  e) Full Color & Inked Skull
$ 4.00

Commissions Open!

So I've been a hobby artist for many, many years now and after a quite some time of neglecting to improve on my skills, I desperately want to get back into art. I want to start getting my name out there, hopefully even gain a following. Thanks for giving my thread a look-see, and have a great rest of your day!

If you're interested, you can see my price sheet here and read the description for further detail. Feel free to ask if you'd like a commission you don't see here. My will/won't list is as follows:


| Torture/Excessive Violence | Anything w/legit waste/vomit | Hate | Landscapes | Cars and Machinery | Fart | Complicated Backgrounds | Fanart Porn |


| Any type of character (humans, kemonomimi, anthro/furry, feral) | Couples or Poly relationships | LGBT+ | Disabled | Fantasy Creatures (Merfolk, Fae, Dragons, etc.) | Fan Art | Nudity and Suggestive Art | NSFW | Porn | Blood, Gore, and Violence | Gaijinkas | Colorful Characters (aka sparkledogs) | Marijuana | and most anything not on my Won't list |


| Cyborgs | Complex Characters | Tedius details (dragon scales, lace, etc.) | extra limbs | Props | Backgrounds/Scenery |

Thanks for your time and consideration! Have a wonderful rest of your day star creatures!


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