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Do not use my characters for face claims, rpgs, F-list etc.
Do not use nor re-upload my artwork without permission
(unless you commissioned me said artwork, and personal use only)

Rory / Marcel / Addison
♂ | 1993 | Gay | Married | Digital & Tattoo Artist

Goth ♦ Metalhead ♦ Twink ♦ Pagan-mix
~ Bat & Horror Enthusiast

GreaserDemon + Thalliumfire
[25. June. 2012] [Married - 06. Sep. 2014]

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Latest Journal

March Plans / Update / Flying to America

The day after tomorrow I will be flying to the states with Thalliumfire and a close friend of ours offline! He'll be staying with us for two weeks then heading back alone while Thall and I are staying a whole month by my parents. I'm both nervous and excited about being in the states again after TEN years of having not stepped one foot in my home country.... this will be wild!

I am nervous a lot has changed which I expected it to I mean... I left America when I was 19 and now I'm almost 30 coming back to see the rest of my family and hopefully some old school friends as well. My parents I haven't seen since 2018 so I am of course looking forward to seeing them again as well and hanging around the house I grew up in as an emo kid who spent most of his time in his 'bat cave' of a room, blackout curtains and all haha.

Not working for a month is not possible by me so I will be bringing my tablet with me, not my Cintiq unfortunately since the cord is still not replaced, I have to buy it online since Mediamarkt does not have a cord like this, it's unique. So I'll be battling with my Samsung tablet while I am out there. I will be heavily afk but I will still pop online via mobile here and there and post artwork when we are not running around all over Cali. My parents have a lot planned for us so we will be at least extreme busy for two weeks during March.

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    going to sound kind of stupid but I don't know how to submit my art

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    I love it

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    I just found your art and it's amazing! Your style is so nice to look at, and your colors are great too! Keep up the good work :D

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      Ah thanks a bunch! B,) I've been trying hard to perfect my quality, style and colours for the past three years.

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    oh shit, you have an amazing artstyle! Your colouring is super soft and bright, I love it :O

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      Awoh thanks a bunch! B,) It's improved a ton since 2014, It used to not be so nice looking haha!