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♦ Do not use my characters on rpg / face claim etc. websites!
♦ Fan art is appreciated, you don't have to ask! ♥
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Rory / Addison / Bat
Male ♂ | 1993 | Homosexual | Digital & Tattoo Artist

~ Tattooed, Pierced, Goth, Metalhead, Twink, Pagan (Heathen), Theistic Satanist
~ I'm a huge Bat Enthusiast! 🦇

GreaserDemon + Thalliumfire
[25. June. 2012] [Married - 06. Sep. 2014]

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Latest Journal

Update / ill / slow work

on 25 February 2022 at 07:28:27 MST

I forgot to update on here as well but I am sick currently for almost two weeks now, before then i was swamped with admin work... right now I am both swamped with admin work and ill with covid :,) I am vaxxed so it's not as bad but it still drains my energy a lot...
I'm hoping it's gone by the end of this week though I highly doubt that... I am working on owed art just at a very slow pace.

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    going to sound kind of stupid but I don't know how to submit my art

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    I love it

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    I just found your art and it's amazing! Your style is so nice to look at, and your colors are great too! Keep up the good work :D

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      Ah thanks a bunch! B,) I've been trying hard to perfect my quality, style and colours for the past three years.

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    oh shit, you have an amazing artstyle! Your colouring is super soft and bright, I love it :O

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      Awoh thanks a bunch! B,) It's improved a ton since 2014, It used to not be so nice looking haha!