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[25. June. 2012] [Married - 06. Sep. 2014]

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I draw anthro, humanoid and feral artwork! SFW, NSFW and Gore/Violence!
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Selling and Trading Some Designs!

on 20 May 2018 at 08:58:34 MDT

$ = Looking to Sell rather than trade
(Will probably decline most trades)

I accept Paypal or DeviantART points only
but I highly prefer Paypal (USD/EUR)

Trade-wise I like humanoid, anthro and quad designs!
I prefer masculine/male designs

I have zero interest in doll maker made designs, MLP/pony, Base-Made Designs (P2U/F2U)
and most fandom-themed designs unless they are fakamon or pokejinkas.

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Crayon Chibi
from $ 3.00
to $ 6.00

GALLERY (for more examples): Link


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    I just found your art and it's amazing! Your style is so nice to look at, and your colors are great too! Keep up the good work :D

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      Ah thanks a bunch! B,) I've been trying hard to perfect my quality, style and colours for the past three years.

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    oh shit, you have an amazing artstyle! Your colouring is super soft and bright, I love it :O

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      Awoh thanks a bunch! B,) It's improved a ton since 2014, It used to not be so nice looking haha!

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    No problem, thanks for stopping by to leave a shout!

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    Yeee! Of course!

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