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Rory / Addison / Male / Germany

A simp for Odin & Satan
Commissions: Open
Trades: Closed
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Art Raffle Extended to the 10th!

https://twitter.com/GreaserDemonz/status/1396949827003559943 < (yes the 'be a watcher' only counts for twitter, tryna get more followers on my twitter)

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Art Raffle on my twitter!

Win a flat clean sketch full body chibi! https://twitter.com/GreaserDemonz/status/1396949827003559943

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Nsfw flat full body refined sketch, Big discount! (CLAIMED)

I'm only taking one, normally they cost $36 usd (base price) but just this one time I'm taking one for just $25 usd to pay for this design I really like, so you'd be sending the money to someone else. Please comment or note me if interested! I have no example since this will BE a new example on my…

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Humanoid Custom Special (PENDING)

Although I have a humanoid custom pending, I'd love more examples in general that are humanoid so I'm taking a reduced price humanoid custom! I'm open for just one slot of this! You will get Full body (mild shading) frontal of your humanoid custom (nude sfw) Full body (mild shading) frontal of your…

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Commissions OPEN!

RE-OPENED Commissions! TOS | FAQ | Examples | DOs and DONTs Read my TOS and note me your commission order! Please use the fill in sheet linked on my site when ordering! Paypal accepted mostly but if you don't have a paypal we can discuss an alternate payment!

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Discount Custom [OPEN]

[TOS] These will be fully rendered, mildly shaded like my normal customs I am seeking to design humanoid, anthro or feral characters (in that order of preference) An outfit will be included! (simple to medium in complexity, no complex outfits) I need more examples on my site and I'm trying to get s…

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Experimental Art for Etsy Wishlist Items!

Seeking vouchers for esty items! Offering experimental crayon brush headshots and half bodies! Example: Link Original Journal can be found here: Link Just pick an etsy item off there that you would buy for me in return for artwork! Anything $20+ will be a half body instead of a headshot / bust! Be…

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MYO NebNom Contest!

>> All Info Here << Nebularnomads (nebnoms) Closed Species belong to Thalliumfire Species Group: https://www.deviantart.com/nebularnomads

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Goretober 2017 List!

Heres last years unfinished list: Goretober List - 2016 Here is this years List: 1. Gutsy - Feat. CHikE (nebnom) /Late/ 2. Blinded - Feat. Pollux (nebnom) /Today/ 3. Bleed Out - Feat. Dwight 4. Limbless - Feat. Eldwin (cinnadog) 5. Crow Meal - Feat. Lucas (cinnadog) 6. Abomination - Feat. Neil (cin…