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♥ Happy Bubbly Lifestyle ♥

Hello my name is Ryeesa but furiends call me Rye, Ryerye, Tigress or Cinnakitty ^^ My character is an Leucistic Cinnamon Bengal Tigress, chocolate brown stripes n baby blue eyes :3 I am usually a happy go lucky person/furette n love to laugh n have fun. I love to meet new people, although I can be shy at times x3 I don't like to be around people that are depressed as it brings my energy levels down considerably.. I believe that you should be true to yourself rather than try n live a story or as someone else. Painting scenery on rocks and other random unique objects is one of my favorite past times! :D Check out my "Traditional" folder to see some! ♥

I am Very respectful to people that deserve it.

If you ask my opinion on something I will give you an answer, but in the past I have been told I'm rather blunt with my answers x3

I just tell things the way I see them, not going to sugarcoat it when you want the truth, but I'm not going to be rude about it either though lol ^^;

I don't like gossiping.. I find it childish and immature...

If you have a prob with me, I'm sorry I am who I am and I'm not going to change myself to make others happy, y'all can accept me for me or I dun wanna be friends :3

Special note to ClockworkCreature, Everyone in this group has made me feel so welcome. Seeing quite a few at AC 2012 confirmed that :3 I am Honored and joyed to be part of the clockworks group. You all are dear to me ♥

I am also currently in a relationship (over 4years, yay! ^~^) and am Very loyal, my mate is not a fur sadly, but, if he was Id say he would be a Hydrac - Hyena Dragon >:3

Also I do tend to flirt a bit but that's my nature n would ask that people don't look anything into it, its harmless..

Con's I've attended / will be attending:

AC('08, '10, '12) n they were AWESOME!

Fur-Eh 2012

Fur-Eh 2013

AC 2013

Couple motto's I try to live by:

"Be happy n smile often, its Ok to be a little silly now and again cause Laughter is best medicine :B"

"Life is too short to be wrapped up in drama, don't play their game cause the ending they lead you to prolly isn't the ending your wanting"

Also if I happen to commish you, please don't be afraid or suspicious that I'm going to run with your art.

I am one of those people that makes sure I have enough to purchase what I'm asking for =^-^=

Also Love WIPs ♥



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Bored.. Wats everyone upto tonight? c:

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    How you been gurrrl?! ^u^ and I'm lovin' the banner

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      Iv been ok! Busier than all get out though @w@ be glad when the weekend comes relax a bit ^^ how are you doing?? N thanks ^^ Inya made the rye in it n I did the text c:

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    Psst Pstt. Just wanted you to know, I've been putting off your art because I ordered myself a tablet :O :O and it should be here soon. :3

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      NIICE :D! right on chicklette! c: im excited to see the difference ;o

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    Glad I still made you happy with that author's signature...hrm, I owe you, I really do. I feel I didn't do enough last time. Don't worry, I got something in mind.

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      o: You dont owe me anything hun xD That signature was the cats meow! :3 ♥ I am still extremely grateful you took the time to get it for me ^u^ Are you coming to AC this year?

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        Well, I don't know. I'm checking what I'll be getting in my tax returns, but at the same time to see what happens as far work and etc. I hope I can, been really wanting to go but so much keeps causing me not to.