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Pentacle Pizza's Special: Hellish Hawaiian by AshestoAshcraft (critique requested)

Pentacle Pizza's Special: Hellish Hawaiian (critique requested)


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DEVICE: Samsung Galaxy Note S8
APP // PROGRAM: ibisPaint

I have an original character, a Satanist chef named Lucius Ramsay, of whom owns a Pizzeria called Pentacle Pizza. In a story my wife and I are writing, he starts this business on his own as a singular chef in the kitchen and eventually builds it to a successful Pizza chain. The Hellish Hawaiian is the main special that his Pizzeria is best known for, and is also Lue's personal favorite blend of toppings: Pineapples, heavy Canadian Bacon/Ham, and light Pepperoni that he always shapes into the pentacle/pentagram star, in lieu of the name of his business. He tops it all off by sprinkling on a bit of basil, more specifically Holy Basil just for a splash of blasphemous irony.

Personally this sounds like a disgusting pizza (I don't like pineapples on my pizza, and I hate pepper let alone pepperoni), but my OC is a massive fan of tropical fruit all around, particularly pineapple of which is his favorite fruit, so naturally he'd love 'em on his pie. He's also a massive stoner, so two classic pizza recipes combined really hits the spot when he's got the munchies. In fact, that's how he had the idea in the first place - he got really stoned one day, then made this for himself as whatever the meal is between dinner and a midnight snack. He loved it so much he decided to open a restaurant! c:

The demon june prompt list (Pizza was the theme for this one, obviously) and watching the anime Food Wars inspired me to draw Lue's pizza, so finishing it up was a really relaxing process. I'm very proud of the pepperoni, which look fantastic if I may toot my own horn haha Though admittedly I think the pineapples needed a little more oomph. The canadian bacon/ham as well as the cheese aren't bad, but aren't great, and the basil is entirely made up of a brush available in my program. Hopefully that killer pepperoni is enough to make the whole piece shine lolz

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