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[FtU] Stay Sane Brain Coloring Page by AshestoAshcraft

[FtU] Stay Sane Brain Coloring Page


30 October 2020 at 11:48:55 MDT

Click here to see the... Original Version | My Wife's Version | More Coloring Pages

DEVICE: Samsung Galaxy Note S8
APP // PROGRAM: ibisPaint

FtU = Free To Use

Still going as stir crazy as I was when I drew the original piece. Figured I'd give people something nice they can color to stay sane while staying inside and safe. I encourage you to color it and send yours to people you want to send the same compassionate message to! I'll definitely be re-coloring my own in the future.

I have one with a white BG as well, if that's better than the transparent PNG. Feel free to ask for it if you'd prefer it! If I get enough requests, I'll upload it separately c:

You can post your colored versions on or off Weasyl, and I don't have a problem with side-by-side comparisons of before and after coloring either.

  1. Credit me as the original line artist when posting your colored versions. To do so, please link back to this Coloring Page and/or any of my various social media accounts. Thanks!
  2. Do not alter the line work in any way; only add color. Additionally, do not remove my signature nor the date of the line work when you color it.
  3. Do not re-upload the original line work for this piece; only your own colored versions. Please show me when you do so so I can see! Comment them below~
  4. Do not sell or redistribute my art (or anything using my art) for profit. This work is intended as a free source for colorists // a free to use coloring page ONLY.

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