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A hellmew makes a Discord server

discord.gg/uTwSG3J Have made a Discord server. The primary intent is for me to post links to documents and provide a method of communication and feedback while writing. Basically, do a sort of stream-thing where I'm writing a story, and having an active chat without actually having to stream (which…

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Kriegerquest Week 1 Poll: Genre Keywords, Race, and Corruption

KriegerQuest Week 1 Survey So I want to ease myself back into the habit for writing on a regular basis again, hopefully convincing my malfunctioning brain that writing things is perfectly fine, there's no need to stress over them. We can do things like write commissions and so on and so forth. So w…

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State of the VK, Dec 16

So the Patreon is going rather well! I've got four patrons, each on a different level, totaling $38, or $34 after fees and whatnot. So thanks to all my supporters for helping me out this month. I've got some ups and downs, as mentioned earlier my phone managed to fall off the nightstand and crack t…

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Patreon + State of the VK + Q&A

https://www.patreon.com/VonKrieger Well, I went and made myself a Patreon. Mostly it's meant to be a Tip Jar of sorts, as my creative output is virtually nil at the moment. I've got a few minor rewards there, and while there will be a bit of Patreon-Only content, it's not going to be anything impor…

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[VK]'s move is complete!

Well, almost. We had a lamp and two nightstands we couldn't get into the vehicle, but aside from that I've got all my stuff here. Computer's been set up and is functioning normally, internet works, dog has been telling me quite clearly when she needs to go out, so there have been no potty messes. A…

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[VK] is apartment bound!

So I got everything wrapped up today, and while I'm not totally sure of the rent payment (as it is calculated by percentage of income, which is not much) I've been approved for the apartment! So I'll be moving February 14th, though I'm not going to be staying there until the 15th, as I've got a fam…

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[VK[ is on Divorce/Eviction Watch Again

It's getting close to Christmas, one of the handful of family centric holidays of the year, and as per usual that means that my mother and her husband get into a tremendous shitfit over his behavior. So this time centered around his ill-behaved college age daughter. My mother is allergic, terribly…

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State of the [VK] Address

So I'm still in a holding pattern waiting for an apartment to open up in the complex that deals with the disabled and the elderly. It's like the one place I'm able to afford on my own. Between SSI and SNAP, I can pay for housing and food with a decent amount left over for other things, so I'll be d…

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[VK[ Upload vomit ceased for now

With a handful of individual exceptions where the files generate errors or they're part of a multi image series that will need careful handling so that they show up in order, I think that's all the images from my FA gallery.

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[VK] Uploaded out for now

Even with the gallery thingy, it looks like I'll have to go and manually review the tags on every file, and the darned thing doesn't work for stories. So looks like I'll be dumping my images over the rest of the day, and then tossing in my stories manually. :/

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[VK] Cloudy with a chance of light VK!

Well, with this gallery manager tool thingy, mirroring my gallery over here to Weasyl ought to be very easy. But rather than flood the place, I'll be posting around 5 items a day until I reach equilibrium between here and FA. Yes, I know there's a flood control folder thing that can be done. But I…