Kriegerquest Week 1 Poll: Genre Keywords, Race, and Corruption by Von Krieger

KriegerQuest Week 1 Survey

So I want to ease myself back into the habit for writing on a regular basis again, hopefully convincing my malfunctioning brain that writing things is perfectly fine, there's no need to stress over them. We can do things like write commissions and so on and so forth.

So what I have in mind is a sort of fan-driven Choose Your Own Adventure kind of thing where I basically act as GM, author, and guiding force for a character whose actions are determined by the readers.

This will be set in an offshoot of my Shattered Shards setting, taking place on a donut-shaped world where dragon-gods flit into the void between realities and return with discarded bits of existance, stitching them together to make a very weird toroidal land-quilt.

I'll be running this as sort of a mash-up of various game systems, mostly using DnD 3/5/Pathfinder/D20 system as a base around which I build everything else.

At the moment it's mainly a hybrid of DnD's stat system and Fallout's SPECIAL system dubbed FALLACIES, for Focus, Appearance, Luck, Legacy, Agility, Charisma, Intelligence, Endurance, and Strength.

Am not sure if I'll be doing actual rolls or not, but I like the idea of having a character sheet so that everybody has a good idea of what the character's capabilities are.

So with that I give you Week 1's Survey: Genre Keywords, Race, and Corruption Nominations!

Our first section deals with things that affect the setting and themes more than they would the player character. Things like adding Superheroes to the sci-fi fantasy mashup world of Shattered Shards, making the overall tone that of post-apocalyptic, where everyone is just barely clinging to life and scavenging for resources, making the whole populous of the world suffering from Corruptions, slow, gradual physical and mental transformations, or having this whole thing be some sort of full immersion MMO that the player does not recall signing up for,

Our second sections is geared towards what we actually want out player character to be. I'll be making the character a hybrid of two races so we have more options for things. Things from the various D20 games (DnD 3.5, Pathfinder, D20 Modern, Star Wars D20, Warcraft D20, Farscape D20) would help things a bit, as they already have stats that I can work with and easily Pathfinder-ize to make them a bit more fleshed out.

You can also submit a race from any sort of creative media, so long as you reference the race's name and where it's from, though I might not be able to do them much justice if I'm not familiar with them.

Either way, my favorites from both categories will be tossed into next week's poll with the top two determining what sort of a hybrid beastie our main character shall be.

Also there's the option of making things even more racially complicated by also having our main character be a furry of some sort, the options being the ears and tai kemonomimi, to a mostly furry monstergirl, to the outright anthro.

Also included is one of my favorite parts of the D20 system: templates. Even if you have no system experience, if you'd like our main character to be some sort of vampire, werewolf, cyborg, robot, supermutant, ghoul, spawn of a mad god, the literal son of Satan, or something of the like you can put that there.

And Player Corruption is pretty simple, it's what you want the primary TF of our main character to be, as it's going to be a VK story and thus there must be a TF taking place.

And I'll remind y'all once more, this is merely the nomination phase. You're putting forth suggestions on what to vote on next week, not making the votes themselves.

Anyway, have fun, feel free to post here if you have questions, and I'll be back next week to sort through the nominations, get us voting on what our character is, and be taking nominations that focus more on who our character is! See ya then!

Fill out the form here: KriegerQuest Week 1 Survey

Kriegerquest Week 1 Poll: Genre Keywords, Race, and Corruption

Von Krieger

24 March 2017 at 21:26:45 MDT

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