State of the VK, Dec 16 by Von Krieger

So the Patreon is going rather well! I've got four patrons, each on a different level, totaling $38, or $34 after fees and whatnot. So thanks to all my supporters for helping me out this month.

I've got some ups and downs, as mentioned earlier my phone managed to fall off the nightstand and crack the screen, which warranted a hellacious trip involving buses, a blizzard, WalMart, and sitting around for about an hour in the blistering cold and in an uncomfortable, backless wooden seats at the bus station, all for a phone that didn't end up meeting the needs I have.

Hopefully I can return it and get the $30 I spent on it back.

But I managed to find the same exact model as my previous phone on sale for $20 on Amazon, purchased one, and it works perfectly. Now I'm just waiting on the company to restore my game data, since my screen is in no condition to do it myself.

Which kind of sucks, because I've been saving up in-game currency in Puzzle and Dragons for MONTHS so I can roll them in the Godfest event this weekend, which I might end up missing because of this and having to wait 6 months until the next one (or end up blowing it all on some event between now and then like I did the Final Fantasy collab earlier this year.)

Also on the downside is my account being hacked and my $15 gift card balance stolen. The number that the "if you have not authorized this change in account" e-mail was not helpful, and they've sent me to call another number entirely, which I'll be doing after I eat dinner.

But on the bright side I think I have my nausea under control! A daily anti-anxiety, plus a bit of portion control, and some hard candies after each meal has managed to take my feeling of pukeyness down from a constant thing to something that's needs something legitimate (like bad smells) to trigger it, rather than a constant feeling of "I may hork."

So we'll see how this goes and if life decides to drop any more bombs on me, and hopefully avoiding any family drama during the holidays.

So I've got some downs, and a pretty decent up having my nausea managed, which is one of the main things that gets in the way of me writing. After all it's hard to write sexy transformation stuff when you're feeling anything but sexy, ya know?

State of the VK, Dec 16

Von Krieger

16 December 2016 at 14:51:55 MST

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