[VK] is apartment bound! by Von Krieger

So I got everything wrapped up today, and while I'm not totally sure of the rent payment (as it is calculated by percentage of income, which is not much) I've been approved for the apartment!

So I'll be moving February 14th, though I'm not going to be staying there until the 15th, as I've got a family gathering that I want to attend that day, and it's easier for me to head back with my mom and stay over night in the guest room than for her to drive the 45 minutes out to pick me up, and then that additional travel time from there to my sister's.

I called and got internet set up, tentatively. So hopefully it ought to be good to go once I move in.

[VK] is apartment bound!

Von Krieger

5 February 2015 at 16:29:19 MST

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