[VK[ is on Divorce/Eviction Watch Again by Von Krieger

It's getting close to Christmas, one of the handful of family centric holidays of the year, and as per usual that means that my mother and her husband get into a tremendous shitfit over his behavior.

So this time centered around his ill-behaved college age daughter.

My mother is allergic, terribly allergic, to cats. We cannot have cats in the house. Cats on the farmstead are okay.

But she decided that it was perfectly fine to bring her cat with her when she came up the other day, intending to stay for several days.

She isn't. She's left because there's nowhere to put the damned cat.

And rather than admonishing his daughter for her behavior, mom's husband instead blamed my mom for the whole thing, and the daughter left.

He will never admit that she's done anything wrong.

I'm on a fixed income, I buy my own food.

I buy my own food because he bought steak one time and threw a gods-damned fit when I ate the plate left in the fridge, which I thought was my mom's.

Yeah A1 wonderful guy this is, buys and cooks food, doesn't set aside a portion for his wife.

So I buy my own food, my own drink, my own everything.

She comes in with her boyfriend, gets it explained to her that there are things in the fridge that are mine and that she can't have.

Bitch and her boyfriend polish off half a case of my Sierra Mist. The Sierra Mist that she was told belonged to me. THE SIERRA MIST THAT HAS A FUCKING MASKING TAPE SIGN IN FRONT OF IT LABELLED "VK'S SODAS, DO NOT DRINK."

Oh but she didn't do it on purpose. She didn't do it more than once.

He's a spoiled rotten manchild, his kids are spoiled rotten too, and he will never disciple them because he's trying to be their best friend and buys them expensive gifts and pays for their tuition.

There's a fucking mac book pro for one of his daughters around here as an Xmas gift. They get a new top of the line laptop every year.

Even this year.

This year when he put himself 10k in debt with his farming.

Two grand in Xmas gifts for his kids when he owes the bank 10k and isn't going to be getting any more money until the next harvest comes in.

Next fall.

So I'm back on Divorce Watch/Eviction Watch once again.

I am not in the mood to write anything.

Merry fucking Christmas to me.

[VK[ is on Divorce/Eviction Watch Again

Von Krieger

18 December 2014 at 21:32:50 MST

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    Bleh, sorry to hear about the BS. My best to you and your mom. All you can really do is be there for her during this a-hole and his kids being dipshits.