[VK]'s move is complete! by Von Krieger

Well, almost. We had a lamp and two nightstands we couldn't get into the vehicle, but aside from that I've got all my stuff here. Computer's been set up and is functioning normally, internet works, dog has been telling me quite clearly when she needs to go out, so there have been no potty messes.

All in all everything is looking good.

Worst part of it is the fact that my carpet and padding is so think my computer chair sinks into the quagmire of softness and I can't easily scoot around. But considering the tied for worst place elements of mother+her husband fighting, an incontinent farm dog peeing ALL OVER, and being unable to write due to A. having two fundamentalist Christians in the house, and B, Husband Mark III constructing something in or around the house with a tremendous amount of noise 2 months of the year, I'm satisfied with too soft carpet.

Which my dog loves. She's ignored her dog bed almost entirely and just flops down on a random spot of floor. She also insists on sleeping in the bed with me, is too short to jump up on her own, and is steadfastly ignoring the box I've placed there for the express purpose of her getting up there. She demands I pick her up and place her there.

[VK]'s move is complete!

Von Krieger

17 February 2015 at 02:07:48 MST

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