State of the [VK] Address by Von Krieger

So I'm still in a holding pattern waiting for an apartment to open up in the complex that deals with the disabled and the elderly. It's like the one place I'm able to afford on my own. Between SSI and SNAP, I can pay for housing and food with a decent amount left over for other things, so I'll be doing good on that front.

My hands are doing much, much better to the point where I'm no longer on prescription pain meds, and for the most part can get through any spells of achiness with a couple of Tylenol. I have no idea how the pain got started and got set in there, but my guess is that my tendons have toughened up a bit, and I'm not engaging in huge marathon sessions of either writing or gaming.

There's a spot open in the complex on Jan 1, and though I'm not in the first set of people being called, I am in the second set. So I might very well end up moving in January! Yay!

My problems with writing here are that I can't really write teh prons when Mom or her husband are around, as they are both fundamentalist Christian and to the best of my knowledge have no clue I write teh pronz. People come to visit rather often on the weekends, so I have no chance to write then either.

My wake/sleep cycle wanders around so while sometimes I can write at night when everybody's asleep, it's not a thing I can count on regularly.

There's also seemingly chronic construction taken place. There have been three months so far this year I've been unable to write due to noisy construction. The downstairs bathroom got remodeled in Feb/Mar, and more recently there's been a waterfall and a deck alteration taking place right outside my window.

And guess what? Next on the construction list is the rec room right outside my bedroom door. So I have weeks of tile being put down to look forward to. :P

So health-wise I'm doing better, writing situation wise I'm in a holding pattern until I can move out, which will be a few months.

State of the [VK] Address

Von Krieger

17 November 2014 at 06:00:10 MST

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