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You heard it here first, Samyena and Clammy (onionsandleeks) are teaming up to bring you some awesome collab commissions! I'll be doing the sketching/coloring while Clammy will be adding her amazing inks! What are we offering? All kinds of things at all kinds of prices! Everything will be fully col…

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I am alive! My router needs to be replaced and I haven gotten around to working that out yet- I apologize for keeping everyone hanging (art and friend-wise). I've been going out of town on the weekends to help my dad clean up a hoarder house he and his wife just inherited (I've got internet up ther…

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2014 SECRET SANTA- Post finished pics here!

Hey all! The deadline isn't until Dec 31st,but some of you have already finished and would like to post early (makes sense since people tend to go out of town around the holidays)- SO feel free to post early right on this journal! As always, just leave a link to your picture and be sure to say who…

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HEY! Do you like DRAGONS!?

If the answer is YES then consider joining Flight Rising! It's a pet site that allows you to breed dragons, play games to earn treasure, fight enemies in the coliseum, and interact with a community! It's much more laissez-faire than Neopets for example, and the artwork for the different dragon bree…

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~SECRET SANTA ART EXCHANGE 2014~ Pass around the coffee and the pumpkin pie! Sorry this is so late, everyone! Signups will be open a little less than a week since I wasn't on the ball, but I don't doubt we'll still have a lot of fun! Welcome to the 2014 Holiday Art Exchange! It's a secret-santa sty…

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Guess what Sam forgot about!!!

HER HOLIDAY EXCHANGE. Signups will be posted shortly (and I'll also finally be going through and commenting on those Halloween submissions, I am so behind, and so sorry)

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HALLOWEEN EXCHANGE- Update, please read!

Hey all! I'm sorry my ass is draggin' on this round again, I HAVE glanced at all your lovely submissions and am very impressed with all of them, even though I haven't gotten around to commenting/faving yet! I've been contacted by a couple people (with legit excuses) who need a short extension, and…

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2014 HALLOWEEN EXCHANGE- post finished pics here!

Hey guys! The deadline isn't until Oct 31st, but I know some of you have already finished! SO go ahead and post a link to your pics as a comment here, be sure to say who you drew for! I made a sister journal over on FA (http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/6201244/), so for those of you that have acc…

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~MONSTER MASH ART EXCHANGE 2014~ So I stood and looked about I brushed the leaves off of my snout... Welcome to the 2014 MONSTER MASH Art Exchange! It's a secret-santa style exchange where you submit a character, then I scramble everyone up and give out drawing assignments so everyone gets a surpri…

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Post-trip update! (thank you/please read if I owe you art)

First of all lemme say thanks to anyone who was interested in those colored pencils! I ended up finding a good home for them so it'll be nice to finally get them off my desk! Also- big thanks to anyone who commissioned me this summer! Your monies helped me to fund my trip to Florida WHICH was aweso…

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Update- Please read if I owe you art!

So things have been a little crazy this month already: To kick things off, my car was stolen on Tuesday morning right before I had to leave for work. Still no word on it and I'm not really expecting to get it back, which really blows, but all things considered I think I've been holding together pre…

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Commission/Trade Queue

If I forgot anyone, please let me know! Commissions tigglespits Trades (These haven't been started- if you're unable to complete your half/want to call the trade off please let me know!) jeremy (mia??) bit-bite @ FA (hold) sillyhyenadude (hold)

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EXCHANGE REMINDER- deadline approaching!

Just a reminder that the deadline for my summer exchange is in 2 days- July 22nd! I've only had 4 people turn in so far! I hope that means the rest of you are working away ;> When you're finished, please post a link to your pic, as well as who you drew for on this journal --> https://www.weasyl.com…

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SUMMER ART EXCHANGE- Post Finished Pics Here!

Hey guys! The deadline isn't until July 22nd, but I know some of you have already finished! SO go ahead and post a link to your pics as a comment here, be sure to say who you drew for! ALSO I made a sister journal over on FA, so for those of you that have accounts there, please crosspost your comme…

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~SUMMER ART EXCHANGE 2014~ Rope hanging from a tree, covered in dirt and leaves It's just a summer thing Welcome to the 2014 Summer Art Exchange! It's a secret-santa style exchange where you submit a character, then I scramble everyone up and give out drawing assignments so everyone gets a surprise…

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Commission pricing and ToS

PLEASE READ MY ToS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE BEFORE CONTACTING ME ABOUT ANYTHING, your question may already be answered, thank you! ICONS- $10 ($20 for joined) Included will be a 500x500 version and a resized 100x100 icon. One, Two, Three SKETCHES- $10 (+5 for flats): Sketches are fullbody, quick…

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Commission form

This is to help me keep track of your order! If you're interested in commissioning me, please take the time to fill this out and either note it to me, or post it as a comment in the appropriate journal, as it will save both of us time and will help me to get you to best represent your character! If…

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Get to know Sambam B)

NOT SORRY okay kind of sorry What's your real name? SAM How tall are you? 5'2! I'm a shortstack. Makes reaching things DIFFICULT esp at work What's your natural hair color? Dark chocolate brown What's your eye color? Olive green/gray. They've got a darker ring around the iris What's your orientatio…

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Pricing advice for t-shirt design (please read)

Hey all, I had a question for those of you who have done art outside of little commissions for the furry community. A friend of mine contacted me about doing a t-shirt design for a few of his buddies who are in a local band (We aren't talking The Black Keys here or anything). It's something fun and…