Commission pricing and ToS by houndbound

PLEASE READ MY ToS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE BEFORE CONTACTING ME ABOUT ANYTHING, your question may already be answered, thank you!

ICONS- $10 ($20 for joined)
Included will be a 500x500 version and a resized 100x100 icon.

SKETCHES- $10 (+5 for flats):
Sketches are fullbody, quick and contain construction lines and/or sketchy edges. These examples are to show color options, and although some are not fullbody, you would receive a fullbody.

  • regular sketch: One
  • sketch w/ flats: One

DIGITAL (full color, 1 char- Starts at $35)
More complex backgrounds can be discussed, otherwise these commissions come with a textured, flat colored, or white background.

Digital OR Traditional- $25

(+ shipping if you want your trad page mailed to you)
Digital pages feature a base of one colored sketch + assorted doodles, headshots, etc... I may color more than one, but it's not guaranteed.

Terms of Service

  • I will only start on your picture AFTER receiving payment (please wait until I approve your idea and ask you to pay! Do not just throw money at me!).

  • Please be sure to provide me with all of the necessary information/specifics of your idea so that we can avoid mishaps/redraws/wasted time- I WILL NOT begin work on a commission that doesn't have a filled-out form! You can do this by filling out the form provided here: Commission form

  • Paypal only, please, no checks! Do NOT mention FA anywhere in the transaction! People have had their accounts locked for this before!

  • Extra characters are plus half of the original price (for example, a 2-char sketch would be $10 + $5)

  • I can send you as many WIPS as you like! Do not be shy about requesting edits while your drawing is still in its sketch phase! However, once you have given me a clear go-ahead to complete the picture, any edits will cost a redraw fee.

  • If you're interested in a human character, let me know and we can discuss it/I'll show you examples!

And now on to the obligatory...


  • extreme fetish stuff- sorry, it's just not my thing (this includes but is not limited to scat, cub, watersports, hyper, etc...)
  • start work on a commission without having all of the necessary information and payment


  • General, tame art
  • Tame fetish art
  • Gore, vore, cutesy stuff, etc... Just ask if you're not sure!


  • resize, crop, or rotate any artwork I have drawn for you in order to use it as an avatar or banner on another site. Credit Houndbound @ Weasyl (if reposted here)
  • repost artwork I have drawn for you in your own gallery. Credit Houndbound @ Weasyl (if reposted here)


  • tint/recolor already colored work
  • edit things in or out of the image
  • edit the image so that its intent or rating is changed

Regarding adoptables...

Please Do NOT:

  • Re-sell this adoptable
  • Claim the design as your own
  • Use the character for profit, publication, etc...

Please DO:

  • Re-upload + credit
  • Feel free to make changes to them
  • Commission art of them and treat them as your own character (barring the above mentioned "don't's")
  • Enjoy your new adoptable and draw thee lots (I'd love to see)!

Feel free to note me with any questions!

Commission pricing and ToS


9 March 2014 at 17:03:35 MDT

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