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You know it's lovely weather~

Hey all! You may know me by my other handle, Samyena.

I love to draw and am currently livin' the dream and working with animals! I appreciate all watches, faves and comments, even if I don't respond to them all personally! If you feel like saying hello, don't be shy! I've also got a few characters posted if you feel like checking them out ;)

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You heard it here first, Samyena and Clammy (onionsandleeks) are teaming up to bring you some awesome collab commissions! I'll be doing the sketching/coloring while Clammy will be adding her amazing inks!

What are we offering? All kinds of things at all kinds of prices! Everything will be fully colored with flat shading.

The breakdown goes like this:

Headshots (make great icons!) $20
Portrait (Shoulders up) $30
Portrait (Knees up) $40
Full Body $50

Simple characters may be cheaper (such as an all/mostly white character that requires minimal colors) and complex characters may have additional charges, but these are the typical prices.

We split the earnings down the middle and all proceeds will go towards Clammy's trip to come visit me next month! It'll be our first time meeting and we have some fun things planned! With your help we'll make it the grandest event of the season! ;;

If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask us! If you want additional examples besides what's listed below, you can peruse either of our galleries or just ask us for clarification :)

Examples of Clammy's inks: One, Two, Three

Examples of Samyena's coloring: One, Two, Three

We will start with a limited number of slots and expand from there, please comment to claim using this form:

Type of Commission: (headshot, fullbody, etc.)
Image Theme: (Moody/Spooky, muted mellow, etc. Also stuff like background elements like beach/summer/Halloween or what sort of pose/expression your character has)

1 cjesseg
2 hollo
3 open!

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    And your song is -

    Deal with it ;)
    Just concentrate on the fact that 2009 was basically the last summer I spent with you and a lot of those lyrics are. Pretty autobiographical.

    Also, I can be really /closed off./ Not a surprise but there you go. That's not the confession. The confession is that in those moments, when I'm upset or sad or lost or ready to kill and the world means exactly /shit/, I don't need a dainty cooing affirmation. I need to shoved, forced. I need something that wakes me up, that opens my eyes and says "Look, this is what you have. THIS is what you focus on!" I don't want to be soothed, I want to be, well....rocked. And that's what you do. I know you're the 'gentle' one between us but you handle me well and you push me in the right directions and make me focus. You remind me of everything I'm supposed to be and you do it in all the ways I need you to. You shake me up constantly and that's a good thing.


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      Of course you'd make me cry with 1D you jerk lol

      But it's kind of weird how close those lyrics are wuhhh, I'm glad I'm doin' a good jobbbb <3

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      AND dumps???!!?!?!? I...totally didn't see this until just now. What a treat lol

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    I had a whole different plan for this week but this ended up just fitting -

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    I only ever got my confidence because you've never fail to take what I threw at you. It was always okay and it never changed how you felt. You forced confidence to grow in me.

    But I think sometimes you forget to embrace your own. So this week the theme is remembering that baby, you have the power to rock worlds too.

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      wuuu <333
      Also Lenny, I haven't heard you in awhile! This is niiiice

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    Okay so this week is all about being brash and open and unapologetic.