COLLAB COMMISSIONS (!!! OPEN !!!) by houndbound

You heard it here first, Samyena and Clammy (onionsandleeks) are teaming up to bring you some awesome collab commissions! I'll be doing the sketching/coloring while Clammy will be adding her amazing inks!

What are we offering? All kinds of things at all kinds of prices! Everything will be fully colored with flat shading.

The breakdown goes like this:

Headshots (make great icons!) $20
Portrait (Shoulders up) $30
Portrait (Knees up) $40
Full Body $50

Simple characters may be cheaper (such as an all/mostly white character that requires minimal colors) and complex characters may have additional charges, but these are the typical prices.

We split the earnings down the middle and all proceeds will go towards Clammy's trip to come visit me next month! It'll be our first time meeting and we have some fun things planned! With your help we'll make it the grandest event of the season! ;;

If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask us! If you want additional examples besides what's listed below, you can peruse either of our galleries or just ask us for clarification :)

Examples of Clammy's inks: One, Two, Three

Examples of Samyena's coloring: One, Two, Three

We will start with a limited number of slots and expand from there, please comment to claim using this form:

Type of Commission: (headshot, fullbody, etc.)
Image Theme: (Moody/Spooky, muted mellow, etc. Also stuff like background elements like beach/summer/Halloween or what sort of pose/expression your character has)

1 cjesseg
2 hollo
3 open!



9 May 2015 at 17:59:44 MDT

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    Yes do need!

    Character: Hollo
    Pplease note, NO CHEEK STRIPES
    Type of Commission: Portrait Shoulders Up
    Image Theme: Spooky! Maybe with glowy eyes, like he's possessed? And a creepy grin?

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      HOLLOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! ;; <3 <3 <3

      I'm sorry for the delayed repy! Oh MAN we are gonna love working on this, you have the best characters hngnngh and you want glowy eyes and creepy teeth we are a match made in heaven.

      I'll note you shortly!