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Do better, Enaxn

GUYS HI I AM!!! SO SORRY!!! FOR NOT BEING HERE!!! My ability to keep up multiple galleries really hasn't been great recently and I apologize!!! It's so dumb too like I have all of my websites in their own tabs that I never close and I always see stuff come in right away I just BLOW IT OFF??? I'm la…

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Anyone wanna do a collab????

So admittedly I usually keep my trades and collabs to my DA WHICH IS SILLY because I love you guys!!! SO YES would anyone want to do a collab with me??? I love to cycle through collabs omg so much. SO: -These are my kids: http://enaxn.deviantart.com/gallery/39471373 they're all feral. They can eith…

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Art Tumblr and Twitter!!!

Hi guys!! If you ever wanted to see a nauseating amount of WIPs and stuff I might not post here, fear no more!! For I have both an art Tumblr and my art Twitter!!! Also as an FYI I am and probably forever will be more active on my DeviantART which I know a lot of you guys don't like, but it feels l…

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Open for ONE full illustration commission!!

Hi guys!! Money's a little scarce until my next paycheck, so I thought I'd open for a single full illustration commission! The base price is $120 Anthro is +$10 Wings are +$20 A second character is +50%! You'll get a complex full illustration with an environment background, painted shading, all tha…

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Mid-winter art slump

MY FRIENDS!!! Hello!! I'm sorry for my lack of art as of late! Long story short, I have two jobs. A day job, and a night job. I'm also training for a half marathon and really trying to get my clean-eating on track as well. On TOP of that, during the winter, I have to sleep more than I do during the…

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Anyone wanna do a collab with me????

HI I'm on my way to the grocery and I know my Weasyl is a hot mess I'll fix it when I get back BUT YES I love collabs and drawing my characters with your characters and it gives me something fun to do in between comics (which are also collabs SHH) and commissions and.... stuff. They're what I do wh…

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Internet. BACK. And Art Status!

FINALLY!!! After four months of spending my days at Panera and staring at my phone in sadness, I now have basic cable and delightfully fast internet. HAH. I've missed a lot of gorgeous art over the summer, so I'm trying to catch up where I can. BUT YES I'll hopefully be a little more active now! AR…

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Still on haitus! Be back soon!

Hi friends!! Just dropping in to say hi and to happily say that I've moved for a SECOND time in the last 3 weeks LOL. BUT this new place has room for me to set up my workstation again! The first place I moved to didn't really have a place for me to crank on art at all, which is why I haven't had an…

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Upcoming move/hiatus/AHHHHH

So here's what's happened to Enaxn in the past 3 days: My landlord sold the house I currently live in and gave us a month to move out. My one housemate was like "Wow. Okay so maybe I'll move to a completely different city!" My other housemate was like "Yeah! Me too! Only a DIFFERENT different city!…

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The Last Aysse: Personal Comic is now here on Weasyl!

YAY I KNOW YOU'RE ALL SO EXCITED. .... okay probably no one is excited <__<. BUT!! "The Last Aysse" is a personal comic about my various characters and the mysterious plague that threatens to destroy their world. It's about 30 pages in at this point, with a 15-page prologue and a 15-page post prolo…

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Progress is sloooooooooow

So here's my thing. I work a night shift, 7PM-7AM, 4 nights a week. And usually bouncing back and forth between being nocturnal on my work nights and diurnal on my days off is no problem. But every once in awhile, I end up bouncing back and forth between raging insomnia, and this obnoxious state of…

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Looking for something to shade!

Helloooooooo! So I just posted this on my Tumblr and DA, but I thought I'd open the floor up here too! So I'm trying to hone in on a fun quick-and-dirty shading method. Something that doesn't take too long, but still looks at least somewhat decent! So if any of you guys have any linearts lying arou…

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Commission Info Added!

Not that I really expect any business, but if anyone is ever interested, I added all my info into Weasyl's nifty commission system! It's not in price order though which annoys me <__<; If you want something I didn't offer, let me know and we can talk it out! The prices are a little higher than I'm…

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AWW YEAH LET'S GO. So yes. Art trades. I love them. SO. In the past, I always only opened up for full illustration trades. Well, that kind of shot me in the foot because I got a whole bunch of really unequal trades, or no trade halves at all! So now, if you just want to tell me what you want to do…

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Enaxn's HERE!

WOO. HI! I got an invite from the ever-lovely Eskiworks and here I am! I'll be uploading some of my favorite and most recent things here in the next day or two, and from then on it'll all be new! So bare with me! I really like it here so far! <3333