Progress is sloooooooooow by Enaxn

So here's my thing. I work a night shift, 7PM-7AM, 4 nights a week. And usually bouncing back and forth between being nocturnal on my work nights and diurnal on my days off is no problem. But every once in awhile, I end up bouncing back and forth between raging insomnia, and this obnoxious state of, like, hypersomnia. I sleep all night, and then nap through a lot of the day. The winter makes it even WORSE. And even when I'm up, all I want to do is nap again. It's the worst <__<.

So mostly, the reason why I've slowed down is because I've lost any semblance of control over my circadian rhythm. And I try and make coffee and exercise and eat right, but I still end up a sleeping puddle on my desk anyway. It's absolutely maddening. The change in seasons will help TREMENDOUSLY though! Once it warms up and I can get outside and it's light and there are leaves, I usually snap back. So it'll only get better from here, I reckon!

So yes. To anyone I owe commissions, trades, collabs, raffle prizes, birthday presents, whatever-presents, comic pages, comments, high-fives, etc., I thank you tremendously for being so patient, apologize greatly for the slowness on my part, and promise with every fiber of my being that I haven't forgotten you and will get you your stuff as soon as humanly possible!

You all can have a high-five anyway though! high-fives everyone

ALSO I have been posting pages to a couple of comics over on my deviantart: , if you're interested in those? I didn't think anyone over here would care, so I haven't posted them here. I may change that though sometime >__>.

Progress is sloooooooooow


23 February 2014 at 19:06:11 MST

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