Open for ONE full illustration commission!! by Enaxn

Hi guys!!

Money's a little scarce until my next paycheck, so I thought I'd open for a single full illustration commission!

The base price is $120
Anthro is +$10
Wings are +$20
A second character is +50%!

You'll get a complex full illustration with an environment background, painted shading, all that good stuff! Examples would be:

Turn-around shooouldn't be too bad! A few weeks maybe? I'm cycling through my owed stuff pretty efficiently! And I should be able to have thumbs out on Wednesday!

Aaand yes comment if you're interested! I haven't opened for commissions since 2013, and won't do so again until at least midsummer! And then the prices will probably be higher sooooo yes here's your chance if you want it!

And please don't complain about the prices. I can already make WAY more just picking up overtime, I just thought this would be more fun >_____>

Open for ONE full illustration commission!!


2 March 2015 at 14:11:00 MST

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