Upcoming move/hiatus/AHHHHH by Enaxn

So here's what's happened to Enaxn in the past 3 days:

  • My landlord sold the house I currently live in and gave us a month to move out.

  • My one housemate was like "Wow. Okay so maybe I'll move to a completely different city!"

  • My other housemate was like "Yeah! Me too! Only a DIFFERENT different city!!"

  • My job was like "Enaxn we hate you and would like to dick you around a bit!!!" they do this to me a lot, why am I not used to it???

SO this time in about a month, I'll be living somewhere different. Whether it's with one or two roommates or alone or if I quit and move far far away or WHO KNOWS I have noooo idea!

But I do know that we'll cancel our internet at the end of this month. I'll still have my phone and I'll frequently go camp out at Panera between packing and stuff, but I won't be as quick to respond and stuff.

So anyway yes. I know I still have a pile of owed work to do, and I'll still work on it when I can, but I'm going to be under a fair amount of stress until all of this dust clears, so please be patient with me if you can!

And as always, if you have any concerns about something I owe you, please feel free to send me a note or something and I'll reply ASAP!

Keep being sexy my friends!

Upcoming move/hiatus/AHHHHH


12 May 2014 at 20:24:27 MDT

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    That sucks! BUT maybe change is good. YOu never know what lies ahead. Maybe you'll find a really awesome place or make new friends or meet someone.

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      It's true! I'm probably going to stay in the area, so really the only change will likely be the house I'm in. And maybe my job, but that's still on the table <__<.

      And thank you! <333