Anyone wanna do a collab???? by Enaxn

So admittedly I usually keep my trades and collabs to my DA WHICH IS SILLY because I love you guys!!!

SO YES would anyone want to do a collab with me??? I love to cycle through collabs omg so much.


-These are my kids: they're all feral. They can either stay feral or be anthros for the collab whatever!!

-I'm most woo-ed by people with really detailed lines because I have the most fun coloring those!

-I do my best work when I'm primarily the coloring and/or background lady

-I'm also open to discuss fanart collabs??? Though I'm mostly a Spyro/Square Enix lady

-I'll take one or two??? Maybe???? Comment with thoughts or ideas or whatever!!!

-Examples of other collabs I've done are here!!!

-I can't everyone if I get a bunch of offers, so I apologize in advance if I don't take some people!! But I appreciate the interest all the same!!

Anyone wanna do a collab????


31 January 2016 at 16:04:31 MST

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    What would the collaborator have to do? The sketch and shading/final touches? I've never done one so I think it would be interesting.

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      You can do whatever bits you want to do!! I usually do collabs where I either get lines +/- flats or a background sketch and finish OR we just volley the file back and forth whenever we get tired of working on it!! Whichever!!!! I just feel like I'm doing the overall collab a disservice I solo the sketch and lineart, so I always try and pass on one of them if I can <__<


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        Ah yeah, lines. I wasn't sure if you even used lines because your artwork is usually so painted looking that you can't really see them. xD Back and forth is probably best I think because then it's more a team effort? I can do the sketch and/or lineart, and maybe a rough background sketch (Though I don't usually use them so it might not be easy to follow). Your backgrounds are so beautiful that I don't think I could add much to them, but maybe once you're done I can add some details or finishing touches. Or I don't know, just go back and forth until we think it's done.

        AWESOME! =D This will be so much fun! ...Now we just need a subject and idea. xD

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          All of my stuff has lineart!!! But I color the lines and throw a paint layer on top so they're usually pretty well-hidden! I'd also be totally fine with a tight sketch though because I also want to be able to do lineless stuff But YES!!! A PLAN!!!! We can either do a character of each of ours hanging out (I am balls-deep in a snow/winter/mountain phase surprise) or something else like a fanart or something????? I defs call the background though. I also really like shading but I love your shading too so I feel like we can't possibly lose I AM EXCITED THOUGH AAAHHH

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            Well it works pretty well for you because I thought they didn't have any! Some of my sketches look like lineart so that shouldn't be a problem, and you can take the background because at the moment I can't seem to do one under 10 hours and I need a background break. lol As to subject, I don't think we're in the same fandoms so I vote for characters. Zi and Switchback would probably be best? Zi is a little more reserved then Switchback but otherwise they'd probably get alone fine if they met. Perhaps they're exploring the same area and decide to travel for a while since they're going the same way?
            Oh and snow/mountain/winter is fine!

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              YES Zi is gorgeous I'm so down for this idea!!!!!!

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                Okay! I'm going to try to sketch some ideas today then if I get some time and we'll go from there? =3

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                Sorry for not getting back sooner!
                I've got a few rough ideas for you to look at (I can't decide if it should be 'big' Zi or 'little' Zi. xD).
                First is basically just them looking over a landscape of wherever they're headed.
                The second is Switchback being a little over enthusiastic with Zi being taken aback.
                Third is little Zi struggling to keep up with Switchback in the snow.
                Fourth is Switchback being over confident on some treacherous terrain and Zi looking unconvinced (probably wants to find a better path).
                I'm not sure which idea to work on.

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                  I LOVE THEM ALL shot okay no I think I like the first one best??? Looking Over Scenery isn't as cute and interactive as the others, but I like how they're spread out a little more??? Fourth thumbnail is a close second though. The interaction is adorable and we could make a vertical canvas????

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    I should PROBABLY get working on ours eh? XD

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      LOL take your time!! No worries at all!!

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    i'm intrested, but i never done collabs before